Wednesday 3 October 2007

Exposing The Bacon Eating Atheist Jew

I really should stop worrying about pissing these people off and stop censoring myself. I keep forgetting that these Zionist wankers are helping my google ranking. Here we go again...

I recently became aware of a Jewish Internet agent provocateur going by the moniker "bacon-eating atheist Jew." It seems he didn't like a particular article I wrote a week ago entitled "Let's Talk about Jews and Elections."[1] I wonder why? Why would a professed 'atheist' care whether or not I wrote about Jews, isn't Judaism a religion and not a race or ethnicity? Isn't that what we've all been led to believe? Besides, what does he have against dialogue? Why is it that the 'bacon-eating atheist Jew' doesn't want us to "talk" about Jews and elections?

In any case, I'd like to tear apart his argument and expose him for the fool and black propagandist he truly is. Here goes.

In my article, Let's Talk About Jews And Elections, I exposed the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy, France's new President, is a Jew. The bacon-eating atheist Jew suggests he's a Catholic. You decide [See photo above - note yarmulke].

In his critique of my article[2] the bacon-eating atheist Jew suggests that Sarkozy isn't Jewish that he's a practicing Catholic:

"His grandfather, a Sephardi Jew by birth, was a convert to Catholicism, and Sarkozy was, accordingly, raised in the Catholic faith of his household. Nicolas Sarkozy, like his brothers, is a baptised and professing Catholic."

This is a bald-faced LIE and the bacon-eating atheist Jew is a liar. He knows very well that Sarkozy is Jewish, he was born of a Jewish womb, Sarkozy's mother is a Jew, therefore by Jewish LAW, so is Sarkozy. PERIOD. He could be a practicing Buddhist and it wouldn't matter, his mother is a Jew, therefore he is, too. In effect, what we have is a poor Internet propagandist, the BEAJ on one side insisting Sarkozy is a Catholic...and on the other side, we have some prestigious Jewish publications acknowledging the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy is as Jewish as matzo balls.

The Australian Jewish news[3] reports the following:

"it is well known that Sarkozy's mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest Jewish families of Salonika, Greece."

The AJN additionally quotes Sarkozy himself stating the following which clearly illustrates that the new French President recognizes his Jewishness:

"In an interview Nicolas Sarkozy gave in 2004, he expressed an extraordinary understanding of the plight of the Jewish people for a home: "Should I remind you the visceral attachment of every Jew to Israel, as a second mother homeland? There is nothing outrageous about it. Every Jew carries within him a fear passed down through generations, and he knows that if one day he will not feel safe in his country, there will always be a place that would welcome him. And this is Israel."

The AJN isn't the only publication to confirm that Sarkozy is a Jew. The UK's Guardian confirms it,[4] as does the Israeli National News,[5] the Jewish Telegraph Agency,[6] the Jewish Journal,[7] and the European Jewish News, here[8] and here.[9]

The Guardian even published an article entitled "The tough, new president still loves his mum, France's real first lady,"[10] now if that doesn't convince even the greatest skeptic that Nicolas is a "good Jewish boy," I don't know what will.

In short, the bacon-eating atheist Jew is a liar, he knows very well that Nicolas Sarkozy is a Jew and the only reason he posted a critique of my article was on the off chance that a few ignorant Gentiles might read it.[11]

The BEAJ hates white people. It's obvious, all one need do is read the man's words. In his Judeophobe[12] critique of my article he refers to whites as "whitey," and states the following:

"Any hoot, I'm sure you are now dumbfounded because by your own logic, you figured out that Joooos are the majority if include [sic] people like Sarkozy and Kerry. That is why you guys aren't in control, you dumb ass WHITEYS are the minority."

Of course, the BEAJ wants his Gentile readers to believe that when he uses the word "whitey," he is only referring to 'racist' whites, but we really have no reason to believe him. He is after all a proven liar [see above].

Of the greatest interest, at least to me, is the BEAJ's comments concerning the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He reiterates the boringly predictable denunciation of the Protocols, you know the one, they're fake, a fraud, a forgery, etc. Of course, he doesn't provide a link to them as I did in my article and am once again doing now [See the actual text of the Protocols of Zion here].[13] The Protocols were allegedly proven a fraud after a trial in Berne, Switzerland back in 1934. I'd remind Gentile readers that a well- publicized trial also found O.J. Simpson innocent of murder, despite the fact that he was obviously guilty. I'd remind readers that most recently a Jewish judge, Jewish prosecutor and Jewish Medical Examiner also allegedly found no evidence that Anna Nicole Smith's Jewish husband, Howard Stern, murdered her and her son, despite the fact that even the dullest Fox News viewer isn't very convinced of Stern's alleged innocence. In reality, trials mean very little, especially when a Jewish media is reporting on them, as they did after the 1934 Berne Protocols case. This hasn't changed much over the last 73 years, i.e. Iraq and WMD.

As far as the BEAJ's assertion that the Protocols are fake, but his unwillingness to provide a link to them, consider these words written more than 50 years ago:

"The claim of the Jews that the Protocols are forgeries is in itself an admission of their genuineness, for they [Jews] NEVER ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE FACTS corresponding to the THREATS which the Protocols contain, and, indeed, the correspondence between prophecy and fulfillment is too glaring to be set aside or obscured. This, the Jews well know and therefore evade."[14]

BEAJ apparently accepts the fact that Jews are disproportionately represented in the fields I mentioned in my article as he utilizes the same by now predictable and dogmatic response:

"The bottom line is that Joooos are generally better-educated and usually wind up with white collar jobs. Joooos don't prevent WHITEY from doing the same thing. The West is about capitalism, and whatever Jooooish entertainers, Jooooish politicians?, and media moguls do must be liked by the overwhelming majority of the population, or they'd be out of business."

Of course, I disagree with him. In fact, when I wrote the article, I accurately predicted some critic would emerge with the BEAJ's argument, that's why I included the following in my article:

"All of us have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the idea that Jews are indeed special and highly ambitious and this is supposed to explain their large showings in politics, academia, the sciences, the media, etc. I personally think it far more likely that a Jewish stranglehold on OUR media better explains these discrepancies, I am not particularly impressed by their alleged abilities, after all, look around you; is the world really a better place with Jews at the helm?"

In short, the BEAJ does nothing but reinforce my argument that many Jews, not necessarily Zionists alone, are part and parcel of a growing problem in the west. Most of them tend to collaborate with criminal and Talmudic Jews, which makes them complicit. As I have said over and over, it is *organized* Jewry, which include propagandists like the BEAJ that seek to silence criticism by way of hate crime/hate speech legislation. I can't tell you how often I am lambasted by Jews for writing about this, but nonetheless it's a fact. I wrote about this in "Let's Talk about Jews and Elections" when I penned the following:

"In the beginning of this article, I noted the fact that France now has a Jewish President. I did this solely to point out in the end, that this phenomenon is not isolated to America, it has plagued Europe for decades and is the real reason Europe has passed draconian "hate crime" and "hate speech" legislation which has resulted in the imprisonment of thousands of European patriots. Jewish politicians are the primary force behind the passage of these laws, just as they are in the United States. These Jews hide behind the cloak of other minorities by using them as if they were the crux of concern, but in fact, these laws are designed for no other reason than to prevent exposure and criticism of ethnic Jews and their Supremacist policies/agenda."[15]

The fact of the matter is, JEWS are behind pushing "hate crime" legislation through Congress and they will pull out all stops in their effort to rearrange the Constitution to fit their needs.

The largest Jewish publication in the world, The Forward, reinforces this fact with this recent article entitled "Jewish Groups Set To Fight Veto of Hate-Crimes Bill."[16] In it, the attentive reader will find the following:

"Jewish organizations are playing a leading role in the coalition pushing the bill, with almost all of them - except the Orthodox ones - taking action to promote the passage of the measure. The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2007 passed the House floor last week, in a 237-180 vote. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to begin debating the bill within two weeks."[17]

So there you have it - not from an alleged anti-Semite, but from the world's largest Jewish publication, The Forward.

Lastly, lest you still sympathize with these people and in order to reinforce what kind of person the bacon-eating atheist Jew really is, consider what he and his compatriots wrote to and about a 14- year old girl, Stefania Glenn, the daughter of Mark Glenn:

"You're the ugly one, you sicialian wop whore. You're people are related to Arabs. Hell, you married an Arab. What is Marc Glenns REAL last name. You're a Papist whore. Go back to North Africa and take your swarthy southern italian mafia with you'[18]

Or this one from the atheist Jew himself:[19]

"'You really are a stupid freak. You are a common retard. You have no argument. Nothing but an imbecile. You have an inferior complex, maybe because you are an Arab, I don't know. Fuck off and die. You have kids. Hopefully they didn't inherit your self loathing and inferiority and low IQ. If they did they did and think like you, they should have been aborted. You are a sad sad twerp'

Benevolent and altruistic people, no?

Wake up America; you're being taken for a ride.

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