Saturday 1 September 2007

The Voice of the White House - August 30, 2007

There have been many deliberately leaked rumors about a projected attack on Iran. Believe that Israel desperately wants this and Cheney is firmly, and deeply, in their pocket over the issue of our attacking their enemies. Bush wants to go along, believing a great surge of patriotic support would be forthcoming from the adoring public and that he could end his tenure in the White House in a blaze of public adulation and military glory.

He does actually believe this stupidity and is entirely capable of ordering at attack. At this writing, the talk is that he is setting up plans for the Air Force to bomb Tehran back into the stone age. This way, Bush reasons (a word hardly fitting his ineptness) he doesn’t have to use ground troops (which he no longer has), Israel will leap with joy and Cheney and his Likudist friends will fawn over Bush.

Bush has no friends left anymore, other than his wife and his dog, so as a man who likes to be flattered and worshipped for his totally non-existent abilities, he would purr like a stroked cat.

Even if he announced this attack to a joint session of Congress, they could do nothing to stop him because he has the legal right to launch such an attack. Of course the Navy can’t take part because it would be attacked by the Iranian missiles and obliterated but a fleet of bombers could easily make it to Tehran. While it is known that Iran has a ring of anti-aircraft missiles around their capital, in Bush’s squinty eyes, what are a few dozen bombers blasted out of the air if he can do more damage and then give a fatuous speech about how he saved his precious country from a savage attack by the evil al Quaeda? Yes, children, Bad Seepage, Ohio is safe at last!

I notice that when Bush went to New Orleans, he was brought into that shattered city like a thief in the night with no fanfare, no parades and massive, really massive, security. He was rushed around for very well-guarded photo ops and at one school, the children were sternly ordered by the principal not to ask any questions of the President but only to applaud him and smile.

The small handful of New Orleans’ black citizens who still liked Bush (about seven or eight by count) were dragged out for more photo ops and then, surrounded by a phalanx of armed and vigilant guards, he was whisked out, rushed to the airfield in armored cars with sirens hooting and into the safety of AF1 and back to the White House bunker.

There is a rumor, probably more wishful thinking, among the staff here that Bush has bought a white horse for his victory parade up Pennsylvania Avenue after nuking Tehran but I wouldn’t believe it. I highly doubt if Bush would dare appear in such a public forum and there aren’t enough secret service men to line the streets, waving paper flags and cheering the New Caesar.

An old saying: ‘Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad,’ certainly fits these present circumstances.

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