Tuesday 11 September 2007

The Voice of the White House - August 10, 2007

Please pardon me for laughing at a funeral, friends, but the latest childish propaganda efforts on the part of the bankrupt Bush people is hysterical.

First, we have the regular faked ‘bin Laden tape’ right on schedule for Bush to point at and warn us that evil terrorists are about to attack Wetumka, Georgia and that we had better all support his loony policies or we’ll all be dead.

It is very well and clearly known here in the White House, and in the Pentagon, and in Langley and up at Ft. George Meade, that Osama bin Laden is as dead as Marley’s ghost, having expired in a Pakistani military hospital in 2002 of kidney failure.

These grotesque and very convenient tapes are being produced by the CIA in Texas and have been since 2003. I guess the duct tape and the color-coded ‘terror alerts’ have worn too thin so now we have a return to the tapes and the cries of imminent doom from our prevaricating, brainless president. Even the obedient press is treating this latest propaganda ploy with some quiet disdain.

And the second, and also fully expected, propaganda game will be General Petraeus’ White House-scripted lecture to Congress. He will solemnly tell us what Bush has ordered him to say: That the famous Surge is really working and that America must support her really effective military in finally beating the evil Muslims. Which, of course, we are now doing, under the inspired leadership of President Bush and General Petraeus. In fact, Petreaus is another Bush lap dog, just like the unlamented British PM Blair.

Note that no senior military officer would dare to contradict Bush’s wishes unless he wanted to be sacked on the spot. This would be entertaining theater if so many young Americans were not being killed or savagely wounded. Of course Americans don’t care if we roast the entire civilian population of Baghdad in the process of helping Bush to create a false legacy of sternness and resolve.

This, children, is a terrible reprise of the Vietnam disaster down to babbling politicians and lying general officers who dithered around, doing nothing while tens of thousands of young Americans were killed or crippled.

All that remains is for the Arab resistance movement to have their own Tet offensive to put the cap on the rerun. If a large transport plane full of troops was shot down (as they tried to shoot down a plane full of Congressmen recently…all in all, a wonderful idea) with 200-300 dead, then the public would wake up and begin to bite the hands that they feed.

A Greek writer once said, and this is presently a very pregnant phrase, that boys kill frogs for sport but the frogs die in earnest. Young Americans are dying every day while Bush pours over plans for his presidential library and decided on the color of the drapery.

Impeach him and fire his worthless, lackey generals.
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