Wednesday 1 August 2007

Why Senator Stevens Needs Internet Censorship

By Ted Lang

Uncle Sam wants YOU to die for big business When I first read the report that two United States Senators needed censorship of the Internet, my thought was that of course they needed censorship because they, as well as all the rest of the "criminal class" [Mark Twain] in Congress and in the Cheney-Bush regime, need absolute secrecy and complete public obedience in order to continue perpetrating their criminal activities. I reasoned immediately that these two traitors needed stricter laws to regulate free speech and thought currently available on the Internet websites of the "alternative media" to force a return to the normalcy of the big corporate, establishment, mainstream mass media that struggles so hard to protect these felons thereby enabling them to pursue unabated their unlawful activities.

Am I down on Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court because I have suddenly become mentally and politically deranged and am now suffering a libertarian psychosis? Reality bites, and I've spent the last ten years pounding a keyboard, and you can't do this for that long without learning something in the process. After all, how many times can we question 9/11 events without drawing an analogy between that horrible day and the lies surrounding the U.S.S. Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the murder of General Patton and the Gulf of Tonkin farce, and not learn anything from the process?

Do governments kill their own people? Of course they do! Only the idiots, fools, morons and nut cakes that think Republicans are good and Democrats are bad, or vice versa, have the necessary fractional room temperature-level I.Q. to believe "there's a dime's worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans." Only they believe government is good and God is bad, or that the latter simply doesn't exist.

Unfortunately, there are still a large number of fools in America who should turn in their belly buttons and paste their political party's membership card on their foreheads to warn everyone of their unassailable stupidity. What more proof and better examples of the folly of America's "two-party" system can be offered than what has transpired over just the last six months?

We recently learned from a most unlikely mass media source, the Washington Post, that Vice President Dick Cheney is running our country's government. Why is that source unlikely? Because it is owned and operated by Donald Graham, a Bilderberg regular. Why would a New World Order Bilderberger give the Dicktatorship a problem when it is doing such a fine, secret job in getting US all there? And as Dick runs America into the ground, we accept the fact that the Constitution gives him absolutely no authority to do so. He just sticks proposed "laws" and executive orders in front of the White House Moron, and the "commander guy" signs them. The WHM thinks he is the "decider" but it is Cheney who is the decider and he's just the "signer."

And after America discovered that the signer is also a liar and tricked US into an unconstitutional unnecessary "war" and invasion-occupation, American voters gave a carte blanche landslide to Democrats to expedite holding Republicans accountable for their crimes. Democrats were mandated to get US out of Iraq, to re-investigate 9/11, and to impeach Bush, Cheney and Gonzales. So if Republicans are bad, then Democrats are much worse, because they have the power to bring about the nation-saving changes America now so desperately needs. But it is obvious beyond belief, that Democrats are just as stupid as Republicans are corrupt.

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