Wednesday 1 August 2007

The Voice of the White House - July 28, 2007

Frightening. There are days that I hope this stuff is being made up by some whacked out conspiracy nut-case in a dark basement somewhere in Hicksville Montana. The problem is that it sounds all too plausible and Bush, Cheney et al are just about crazy and desperate enough to do something about it, like kill a lot more innocent people.

Uncle Sam wants YOU to die for big business Recently, I wrote about plans to set up so-called counter-insurgency military units inside the United States "in the event of renewed terrorist attacks."

There is now more to entertain you with.

I have it on very good authority that Bush is moving certain U.S. military units that have a terrible record in fighting with Iraqi civilians, to include rape, arson, murder, looting, torture and other wonderful expressions of True Liberty, up to northern Iraq. The reasons given? To "Assist Turkish authorities in their attempts to prevent Kurdish incursions into Turkey."

This is pure crap, kids. These units will be away from Baghdad and the snooping foreign press and trained and reequipped for their new intended role as Bush’s SS in America. Of course we will see in the cooperative press occasional articles about "brave Americans helping their Turkish allies in bringing order to northern Iran."

And I have seen the press releases prepared for this treachery. And then as soon as a "new terrorist incident" happens, as is now being planned, back our rearmed SS will come to "save America (and Bush) from the al Quaeda attacks." They have all kinds of press released now in the works and my good friend has access to them. I am trying to find out what kind of "new terrorist attacks" Bush and his poison dwarves are planning and if and when I find our, you all can thrill to the prospect of steel-shod boots crashing on your very own streets.

One thing I did hear was a projected idea, and I stress that is only a project…at this point in time, that a commercial truck with a large shaped charge inside would drive from Marin County in California over the Golden Gate Bridge late at night, stop in the center of the bridge and the drivers get into a following car, leaving the ticking truck with emergency lights flashing, parked on the roadway. When the bomb went off, it would do terrible damage to the bridge, probably causing a partial or complete collapse.

Of course the poison dwarves would have their press releases all ready and America would be told by a serious President (who hopes to rercoup his lost glory he gained just after 9/11) that he himself would go to California and "work with loyal Americans" to save the rest of the country from many more such attacks that our brilliant intelligence have just uncovered.

I suppose a newly-created CIA "Osama bin Laden tape" will miraculously appear and be aired to all and sundry with especially long coverage from Bush-allied Fox News.

If you think I am making this up, children, watch the news for U.S. troops moving to northern Iraq in the very near future. That will be the first sign, believe me.

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