Saturday 4 August 2007

Global Warming Is Scam, Not Science

By someone called Karl W B Schwarz, whoever that is...! Anyway it's an excellent article although also a bit of a rant, but there are some nuggets in there! And who can blame a person for wanting to rant about the world we live in! My quote of the day is
Beam me up Scotty, this planet is eaten up with dumb-assed leadership.
You've gotta love it!

On another “scam” front the environmental whackos are out in full force and all of them ignoring the most fundamental of facts regarding this planet and the Sun that powers this solar system we call home.

I have been in Europe now for a little over 13 months working on a major nanotechnology project. Imagine temperature highs of 65 to 68 in late June and July and at night down to 50 to 55 degrees. Yeah, global warming is a bitch. In 56 years I cannot ever recall having to wear a jacket due to being cold in July.

Now we have the British Royals likening this epic battle to save the planet from plant food [CO2 is in fact necessary for plant life on this planet] to that of fighting the Nazis. Well, that put the DUH in DUMB for me!

Prince Charles likens stopping warming to fighting Nazis

05/03/2007 - AP

LONDON - Prince Charles said Tuesday that urgent action is needed to fight climate change, likening the struggle to Britain's battle against Nazi Germany in World War II.

The environmentalist prince told a business conference at his St. James's Palace residence that "the crisis of climate change is far too urgent and discussion simply isn't enough."

"I do not want my children and grandchildren, or anyone for that matter, saying to me, 'Why didn't you do something when it was possible to make a difference and when you knew what was happening?'" he said.

"We can do it, just think what they did in the last war. Things that seemed impossible were achieved almost overnight."

The 58-year-old heir to Britain's throne is a firm supporter of environmentalist causes, and runs an organic farm on his Highgrove estate in western England. He also has a multimillion-dollar line of organic foods, Duchy Originals, whose profits go to charity.

Earlier this year, Charles canceled a regular skiing holiday to Switzerland as part of an effort to reduce the number of jet flights he takes. He has said he will publish details of his lifestyle's impact on the environment in this summer's annual review of his accounts.

Charles told more than 1,000 British business executives that "it just cannot be business as usual" where the environment is concerned.

"I hope today will show that everyone can do something, because business is not only a major contributor to climate change but can also play a key role in tackling the problems and reducing their impact," he said.

That is the dumbest thing I have heard from the British Royals, in like, ever. Those British Royals are funny people. They make me laugh but not for the right reason. It would take a massive brain fart to come up with an analogy that fighting Nazism and the weather are connected in any manner whatsoever. Here, here, the British Royals will lead the valiant charge to save the planet from nothing and rise up to the challenge of fighting the Sun. Maybe they can militarily deploy Prince William and Prince Harry to lead the charge into the tabloid paper barrage and flashes of paparazzi firepower from the photo op cameras. Oh, the Shock & Awe of it! The poor lads will be lucky to come home in one piece.

Beam me up Scotty, this planet is eaten up with dumb-assed leadership.

There is much disinformation put out by the environmental groups. I have come to the conclusion that they are fundamentally and fatally challenged in math, science and truth. For example, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is plant food and plants could not live without it. We could not live on this planet without the oxygen plants put out as unneeded when CO2 is broken down in photosynthesis and the plants use Carbon and emit O2 so you can breathe and live. That is Botany 101 for sixth graders. In some of the schools I went to it was required knowledge at the third grade level. How things have changed whereby current-day college graduates do not have a clue what they are talking about on many subjects including the one they majored in.

They don’t want their touchy-feely environmental message to get all hung up on silly scientific facts. That just will not do.

Additionally the PPM [parts per million] of CO2 in our atmosphere is no where near levels to create a Green House Gas effect. That is a scientific fact. I have noticed that most of the shrill voices are not scientists and probably never took science or did not excel at it in school. They also do not seem to excel at math for none of their logic or numbers add up to support their shrill “the sky is falling” mantra.

The winter at the North Pole, Upper Canada and Siberia was so severe that all that ice they claimed disappeared forever suddenly had come back in full force.

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