Friday 3 August 2007

Banned treatments 'tested on British women'

Along with everything else!! These are just a few of the nasty things they have been forced to admit to!! There's aspartame, MSG, methylisothiazoline and all the others that us conspiracy theorists always harp on about. Suddenly smoking doesn't seem quite so bad for you!!

British women are acting as guinea pigs for wrinkle treatments banned in America, says a report out today.

Cosmetics companies are taking advantage of lenient British regulations to market dozens of products that are injected to smooth out wrinkles, the consumer magazine Which? reports.

This may be allowing potentially useless or even dangerous products into Britain.

There are about 65 "filler" products in Britain compared to only seven in America, where regulations are much tighter.

Ministers this year backed away from introducing legislation to clamp down on fillers and also Botox - opting for self-regulation instead.

Concerns have been raised about hairdressers, dentists and beauticians giving injections. Some people have even held Botox parties.

Every year, 415,000 people have non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Which? is calling on the Government to strengthen the regulations.

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