Monday 9 July 2007

The Voice of the White House - 4 July 2007

Washington, D.C., July 4, 2007: “ ‘It is worse than a crime, Sire, it is a mistake.’ So said Talleyrand, Napoleon’s Foreign Minister, when the Emperor had the Duc d’Enghein kidnapped and shot.

These words can equally be applied to Bush’s arrogant, self-serving and politically annihilating commutation of the convicted felon, Libby.

It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than their neck size that Bush did this to keep Libby from telling what he knew about the viciousness and complete corruption of the régime that he served so loyally and so well. Shrill cries for mercy from the far, far right and, more important, from Libby’s co-religious Jewish groups in the United States coupled with fears that Libby would bring down the administration with his revelations about things most have only guessed at kept Libby from a well-earned prison cell.

Bush, who has personally enormously enriched himself and his family during his reign, is leaving politics, could care less what happens to anyone else, but in fact, he has done terrible and possibly fatal damage, not only to the far right of both American political institutions but religious ones as well.

He is now fighting subpoenas requesting many White House documents.

Among those frantically supporting Bush’s refusals are many major American telecommunication firms such as SBC, AT&T, AOL and Google. These firms have eagerly and voluntarily supplied confidential information on their subscribers to any government law enforcement or intelligence agency that might find them interesting. Bush and Cheney are well aware of this permissiveness and, in fact, have completely encouraged it.

If just this aspect of the secret White House papers ever became public, these giants would lose most if not all of their outraged victims so this easily explains the fear and frenzy over defending Bush’s flat refusal to turn any of his papers over to Congress.

This is mandated by Federal law but we can see very clearly that supporting Federal law is not something Bush practices. As Keith Olbermann says, both Bush and Cheney should have the decency to resign but it is obvious that decency is a word that is foreign to both of them.

Impeach both of them…now!”

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