Monday 9 July 2007

London 'Terror' Car - Bombs? Hardly

If you really believe this terrorist nonsense then go away, I don't have time for your ignorance. It's all about mass-manipulation and mind control. Interesting that it happened just after Gordon Broon takes on the reigns of leadership from the Phony One and a new Home Secretary. Someone obviously trying to make a point, but not the one we think.

A huge case of media hysteria was the only serious consequence of the London/Scottish would-be car bombs. Upon close analysis none of these "car bombs" would have done anything except burn up a car. That's it--no explosions, no deaths, and no big plot. One difference though: As compared to other recent plots, riddled with government informers and agent provocateurs, these wanna-be terrorists seem to be of the amateur variety.

In short, police discovered a Mercedes vehicle parked outside a London night club with some 20 gallons of gasoline inside. Shortly afterward another similar vehicle was discovered. Then, in seeming coordination, a burning Jeep was driven into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport. It failed to explode and the driver had to get out and try and manually light the vehicle on fire. Sounds like the would-be terrorist Richard Read trying to light the plastic explosive in his shoe with a match (which would only have burned the material--no explosion. It takes a blasting cap to set off C-4 explosives).

As reported, Ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson put the threat into perspective when he spoke with commentator Keith Olbermann. "This is not one of the truck bombs or car bombs we see going off in Iraq - what's really striking about this today is that you had two non-bombs in London when we had at least five bombs in Baghdad in which U.S. soldiers were killed in one of those so I think it's just out of proportion - this was an incendiary, this was not a high explosive... Johnson said that had the gas been ignited properly, there would have been a loud boom that would have split the tank but that no projectiles would have even exited the vehicle."

Fear-mongering leaders in both the UK and the US made the most of the media hype and raised terror threat levels to their highest levels, just in time to inconvenience travelers in the US on their July 4 holiday. Arianna Huffington takes note of the various players working this angle: "In Washington, opportunistic politicians donned their curled lips and went on the Sunday shows to use the attacks as an excuse to allow the president a freer hand to spy on the American people.

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