Wednesday 13 July 2005

The suicide bomb squad from Leeds

How stupid do those bunch of neo-fascists in Westminster think we are anyway? I do NOT believe for a SECOND than any man with an eight month old baby would commit suicide for any reason whatsoever. To do so would go against every single parenting instinct that a man has. We are hardwired to protect children and to love our kids! This story and these arrests are part of the false flag and some poor bastard has been framed for something he didn't do. Either that or there is some sort of manipulation going on here. I know that suicide bombers have families, as pointed out by one naive commenter, BUT I would challenge you to name me one suicide bomber from Israel or anywhere else that had an 8 month old baby when he decided to go out and blow himself up. That does not track. I don't care what "evidence" the police think they've found this stinks of more rotting fish than a North Sea Trawler who's fridges aren't working!

I'm seeing pictures of them with rucksacks on, why weren't they wearing those suicide belts I've seen them showing on TV? I was suprised by the rucksacks, something about it doesn't make sense, surely the belt thingy is a lot easier, less conspicuous and less hassle on the underground first thing in the morning? I know if I was planning something like that I'd choose the vest simply for convenience. BUT, what if the poor guy was just told to take the bag to somewhere and drop it off, doing a favour for someone, the thing's on a pre-set timer, little padlock on it so patsy can't get into the bag to see the explosives and BOOM! Perfect "suicide" boming and the bomber is a normal Muslim guy that no-one would remotely suspect of being a bomber. Perfect setup.

These men were not extremists, they were ordinary British guys, some of Pakistani origin and now I hear on News24 a Jamaican?!?!?!? Ok, that makes a lot of sense! NOT! Anyway, Bob Marley aside, they don't sound devoutly Muslim and by the sound of it they had no reason whatsoever to kill themselves. But instead of screaming RAT, the whole world is taking this as a sign of how insipid the Muslim threat has become - now it could be anyone so we should all be really scared and cc. Tony in on all our email. Don't you see what they're doing? Don't you see that it all plays into their hands? Fear, fear, fear, fear, that's what this is about. If the bombers had really wanted to kill a lot of people then they could have killed a lot more than they did. None of this makes any sense.

The population here is in shock for the most part and they are believing the authorities because at the end of the day Blair is supposed to be keeping people safe. So the System presents lots of "concrete" evidence and the media spins a good yarn and people buy it and go about their daily lives, shaken but not stirred. These bombings are the perfect psy-op, I bet they will put this in some dark textbook of dirty tricks in future years. Probably as an addition to same the manual as the Birmingham Six story and all the others where the British government was caught blowing up its own people to frame the IRA! Same shit, different day.

Agree with me, or don't. It's up to you.

Four friends from northern England have changed the face of terrorism by carrying out the suicide bombings that brought carnage to London last week.

It emerged last night that, for the first time in Western Europe, suicide bombers have been recruited for attacks. Security forces are coming to terms with the realisation that young Britons are prepared to die for their militant cause.

Three of the men lived in Leeds and the immediate fear is that members of a terrorist cell linked to the city are planning further strikes. The mastermind behind the attacks and the bombmaker are both still thought to be at large.

The man who planted the bomb at Edgware Road was named last night as Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, the married father of an eight-month-old baby, who is believed to have come from the Leeds area.

Two other terrorists were Hasib Hussain, 19, who bombed the bus in Tavistock Square, of Colenso Mount, Leeds, and Shehzad Tanweer, 22, the Aldgate bomber, who lived at Colwyn Road, Leeds.

Police are still trying to identify the fourth, whose remains are believed to be in the bombed Tube train carriage on the Piccadilly Line. It is thought that he comes from Luton.

Armed police raided six addresses in West Yorkshire yesterday, including the homes of three of the men, who they now know travelled to Luton in a hired car last Wednesday to join the fourth man. They boarded the 7.40 Thameslink train to King’s Cross the next day, each armed with a 10lb rucksack bomb.

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