Wednesday 13 July 2005

London Underground Exercises and the Magically Exploding Terrorists: Important Questions

Official government story changes every minute

by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Since we posted our original article about the exercises being conducted on the London Underground which targeted the exact same spots as the bombings that happened on the morning of Thursday 7th July, a firestorm of interest on the subject has swept the internet.

Important questions need to be asked of both Peter Power and Visor Consultants, the agency who were running the drill.

In both the ITN TV interview and the BBC radio interview Peter Power makes it clear that the team of crisis managers who were overseeing the drill quickly switched from exercise planning to real time management of the actual bombing itself.

"We had to suddenly switch an exercise from fictional to real," stated Power in his TV interview.

The company that Visor were running the exercise for is not named by Power. If Visor switched to real time management of the bombings, who else could the company be but London Underground or one of their affiliates?

If this were a strategy session for a completely unaffiliated company to London Underground, the meeting would have been cancelled and the participants would have gone home as soon as they were aware of the fact that a real attack was taking place.

Only if the exercise was being conducted for London Underground or a group responsible for part of a command structure in the aftermath of the attack would 'real time crisis management' of the event take place.

So why does Power make mention of the company being close to a property occupied by Jewish businessmen? He then makes reference to American banks. If the exercise was being coordinated on behalf of a bank then why was there a need for Visor Consultants to actively 'manage' the bombings after they had taken place and what were they managing precisely?

Visor Consultants is a PR firm. Were they responsible for telling the media that the bombings were in fact a simple power surge for over an hour? An explanation that was obviously ridiculous but gave the government time to manage the release of information about the attack.

Power has been hired by the government before and he is always used to release information after terrorist incidents in London.

Two previous examples of this are the March 2001 BBC television center bombing and the September 2000 rocket attack on the MI6 building.

Was Powers again used by the government as a conduit for information that would support their official version of events?

Today we are told that the bombers were all killed in the act of carrying out the bombing. Just like the Madrid bombers blew themselves up during a raid (pictured below).

How very convenient that all of the suspected patsies should have been blown up in their own attacks even though the last word was that the attacks were not suicide bombings, but synchronized, timed bombings. This is pure media-manipulation sleight of hand. Its designed to distract from the revelation that exercises that precisely mirrored the bombings were happening in the Tube as the bombs were going off around London. Its the same trick used in Madrid - first the government tried to blame ETA and when that wouldn't stick, it turned to the old standby of Islamic Extremists. When investigators tracked the patsies to an apartment in Leganés, the so-called terrorists supposedly blew themselves up in the stand-off. Suspects dead, case closed the government said. They are trying to play the same tired hand in London.

The BBC is reporting that only one of the bombers definitely blew himself up. Which is it? All four bombers or just one? There is an attempt to muddy the waters so people will switch off and just buy whatever the government tells them, even though the government story keeps contradicting itself.

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