Thursday 28 July 2005

‘Nothing to link Muslims with attacks’

It's not just the Muslim community that has its doubts. British people know that their government is basically run by a bunch of scalliwags and hooligans, what they don't yet understand is the extent to which the government is guilty of deceiving all of us. Look at all the dirty little "official" secrets there are in Whitehall and then try and tell me they are squeaky clean. Nope, I'm standing up right here and right now and saying that I don't think Muslims had anything more to do with it than the role of pawns on a chessboard. The media is being led by the hoof, we don't NEED government censorship because the profession of journalism teaches them how to censor themselves! Any who don't are ostracised or branded "conspiracy theorists" and subsequently sacked then left homeless and hungry. As far as the London Bombings goes, the key is to find out WHO the chessmasters REALLY are. Find them and then hang them from Tower Bridge after they've been found guilty of the High Treason that they most certainly are guilty of.

Obey! Mohammed Naseem, Birmingham's most prominent Muslim leader, claimed yesterday there was nothing to prove Muslims carried out bomb attacks in London on July 7 and 21.

The comments of the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque are surprising given the wealth of evidence, including DNA matches and CCTV images, linking at least eight young Muslim men to the outrages.

However, his views are held by a significant number of British Muslims. Some blame the US and Israel for terrorist attacks such as September 11, revealing a deep distrust of the British authorities.

Mr Naseem denied there was any convincing evidence the September 11 attacks on New York had been carried out by the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation. He said: “Muslims across the world know of no organisation called al-Qaeda. That information comes from the CIA.”

Mr Naseem, who represents a congregation of several thousand, was speaking in Bordesley Green close to the scene of yesterday's police anti-terrorism operation. Asked whether he believed Muslim terrorists attacked London on July 7 and 21, he said: “I have not seen the evidence for that.” He said: “All we have is CCTV camera photos, identity cards and driving licences. These could have been innocent men.”

Talib Hussain, a representative of Birmingham council who was also present, said: “Certain faith groups have been identified as being behind [the bombings] and that is wrong.” Mr Naseem said Muslims had lost faith in anti-terrorist police and the security services.

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