Thursday 28 July 2005

London Bombing Aftermath: The Spin Continues

by Paul Joseph Watson

Since the Friday shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent man with no links to terrorism or suicide bombers, we have been subjected to further spin and misdirection in an attempt to stifle real questions about the 7/7 bombing.

The original bombing story has been permanently removed from the front pages of the nation's newspapers. Publications like the London Mirror were starting to ask serious questions about how the alleged bombers were set up by another group and were unaware of the fact that they would be killed in the blasts.

As this website has consistently claimed, the 7/7 alleged bombers were hired as the unwitting fall guys for an operation of which the planning and execution was organized at the very highest levels of the parallel British government.

The dupes were told they were part of a drill to test security provisions in dealing with suicide bombers. The men booked return tickets, pay and display tickets for their cars, expected to be paid handsomely and to have helped protect their country before returning to their homes in Leeds.

We received an interesting e mail from an individual who was listening to BBC Radio Five on the day of the bombings.

I thought I'd follow up on what you've obviously been getting from England regarding the recruitment of volunteers for terror drills. I heard the same thing with a notable differnce. I heard this on BBC Radio 5 Live on 7/7.

My honest recollection is that it was broadcast somewhere around lunchtime. They mentioned that Transport for London (the people running the underground) in conjunction with the Dept. of Transport would run drills where fake devices would be placed on the network and the staff reponse times measured in terms of locating them.

To the best of my re-collection they did not really elaborate any further on this, but the shock I felt was real when I started to think 9/11 and the CIA, NRO planes as weapons wargames and the USAF's hi-jack field training exercises.

Please note also that the Sky News Foreign News Editor Tim Marshall reported seeing British Army soldiers/bomb disposal people in the Charing Cross area at around 1100 - 1115 hours. When his interview (by mobile phone) was over the news anchor read a brief Army statement "...Civil Contingency Support Measures are now in place".

The anchorman then said "...Army on the streets of London trying to manage this major terrorist situation."

The time was 1118 hours when said this.

Other websites have also echoed claims that Muslims were being recruited for drills on the London Underground.

Of course the biggest smoking gun of them all is the fact that there was a drill at the exact same time targeting the exact same locations in the London Underground.

Channel 4 News attempted to dismiss our investigation into this by claiming that it was an inquest that was only relevent up until the identity of the 'bombers' was made public. This is plainly a ridiculous claim. Just because some grainy CCTV footage of four men is released does not make an event that has been calculated to be an astronomically impossible coincidence irrelevent. Furthermore, the fact that the four men pictured were on the scene at the time of the bombings does not mean that the exercise is unrelated. In fact, from the very start we have consistently emphasized the fact that the alleged bombers and the exercise are directly related.

Yet more evidence as to the bombers' unwitting role in the horrific reality of the attack has emerged.

Eyewitness Bruce Lait was yards away from the bomb that exploded at Aldgate East station. The following is what he told the Cambridge Evening News.

"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag."

For individuals to plant bombs underneath trains and secure them in place without being caught, they would need to secure access to the trains. In this scenario, London Underground could have been told that a dummy device was to be placed underneath the train as part of an exercise to test security an alertness. When the real attacks happened some LU officials would have been alarmed but their suspicions would have dampened when it was revealed that the bombs were carried in backpacks, meaning that the drill was just a strange 'coincidence'.

The fact that the bombs were actually planted underneath the trains could have easily been buried in an avalanche of official announcements to the contrary.

On the other hand the backback bombs could have just been the diversionary blasts to enable patsies to be framed, just like the planes flying into the towers acted as the diversionary cover for the explosives planted inside the WorldTrade Center.

The 7/21 copycat bombings have succeeded in monopolizing media coverage and taking attention away from the highly suspicious 7/7 bombings. The fact that all four bombings were badly planned and failed suggests that there was no inside involvement.

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