Tuesday 22 March 2005

The Yogi Footballer

Submitted by a reader...

'The Yogi Footballer' is the story of Benjamin Boddy, who was born in Nepal and cared for by monks in a remote mountain monastery.

Ben is adopted by a British couple and his new football-mad father allows his natural football talents to flourish.

He eventually becomes a premiership player and a global icon, winning the hearts of football fans around the world, with his seemingly supernatural ability on the pitch.

His impact on people around the world does not go unnoticed though and both Ben and the England football team soon become the targets of a dramatic terrorist plot.

In these times of wide scale corruption, and collapsing belief in our governments, the media, banking systems, giant corporations, the military, legal and educational institutions, where we are told that war brings freedom, Benjamin Boddy ~ 'The Yogi Footballer' ~ is destined to become a new kind of hero for the aware generation.

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