Wednesday 23 March 2005

Indian X-Files

A collection of very interesting articles relating to ET published in the India Daily newspaper. If ANYONE has any more information or can corroborate any of the material in these stories then please leave a message on the guestmap and I'll get back to you.

India Cancels Manned Moon Mission - Warned By ET?

India announces no manned lunar mission - like in Russia and America did Extraterrestrial UFOs tell India not to go to moon with humans on board?

According to the head of Indian Space Program G Madhavan Nair, Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India has no plan to send human beings to moon. This is in direct contradiction to what ISRO and Government of India officials have been saying so far. Up till this time, media reports were very clear that for the sake of Indiaís pride and prestige, lunar mission was a must and India was looking forward to an accelerated schedule to land human beings on the moon.

The sudden reverse turn in Indiaís plan and action is interesting. According to many international space research think tanks, American and Russians were told by the Extraterrestrial world body of the Universe that they should not send any human beings to moon. Many even go to the extent of suggesting that Apollo 11 never landed on the moon. Some have suggested that Apollo 11 did land on the moon only to find UFOs and other advanced civilizations using moon as a space station.

ISRO announcement provides some light on the fact that there were several reports in the media that UFOs and Extraterrestrial civilizations were contacting Indian Government. Several UFO sightings still continue in the Himalayas region. There are also reports of underground UFO bases in Indo-China border areas.

India now plans an unmanned lunar mission. According to Mr.Nair the priorities have changed.

Since the Apollo missions, no country in the world has ventured into the moon or any where above the immediate atmosphere of the earth with human beings. Some point out hazards of radiation. Recently, President Bush has announced an American manned lunar mission in twenty years. Why should it take twenty years to go there if we human beings have already achieved the same thirty-five years back?

India will launch a two-year Lunar probe but has no plan to land a man or woman on moon in the near future. It is also looking for research institutes wanting to piggyback their scientific equipment on the Indian satellite, head of Indian Space Programme G Madhavan Nair, has said. Nair, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Space Commission, is in Brussels to attend two international space conferences and discuss India's participation in the European Union's satellite radio navigation programme, Galileo.

"India has no plans to land a man on the moon in the near future," he told the India news in Europe program. Nair, who is also the Secretary of the Government's Department of Space, said the agreement on Galileo was finalized a week ago.

"It will be signed in a few weeks time, either in New Delhi or Brussels," he said adding during the agreement's second phase "India will decide how much money it will invest in the project."

Pointing out the major differences between India's space program and that of other countries, he said, "Their applications are generally military or commercial, while in India they are aimed at improving the quality of life of the people, including the 75 per cent living in villages."

Asked if the Indian space industry feared competition from China, Nair said, "There is nothing like that. They have their own program and we have ours. National priorities are set, and we work according to them."

Stating that India's space industry has a bright future, Nair said, "The greatest achievement of India's space industry has been self-reliance. We are self-sufficient in weather and communication satellites."

The Indian space industry, he said, was "as good as any other space industry in the world in terms of quality and cost effectiveness."

Indeed, "European industries can find a lot of sources in India for the supply of parts, whether for aircraft, satellites or spacecraft." He underlined the importance of cooperation in earth observation.

"Each country has its own space craft engaged in various kinds of missions. We should now look how the data can be meaningfully utilized," he said. Nair said, "India is seriously considering establishing a tsunami warning system for the region, even though such destructive ocean waves are a very rare phenomenon in the Indian Ocean, whereas they occur almost every month in the Pacific Ocean."

Thanks to its efficient communication channels, "India distributed its satellite data to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia the very next day after the tsunami struck on December 26," he said.

First published 2-19-5

India - New Theory Of Worldwide Underground UFO Bases

Geologists in the East and West coasts (India) are busy understanding a new theory that shows possible underground UFO bases all around the world.

According to this theory the UFO bases are along the interface of the seven large and many small tectonic plates meet each other. According to the UFO researchers, the underground UFO bases are deep under the ground where multiple tectonic plates push on top of each other. For example the Indian plate and Eurasian plates colliding against each other along the Himalayas makes it an ideal locations.

According to this theory, the UFO bases need to be deep under the ground because the UFO crafts need to be close to the mantle of the earth. Servicing of these crafts can be done in that electromagnetic environment only. In addition according to this theory the crust must be as thick as possible in that area. That is only available where one tectonic plate moves on top of another tectonic plate.

The UFO researchers are now predicting that there are many UFO bases at the sub-tectonic level. Most of these are in remote areas or under the ocean.

The UFO vehicles according to these researchers are fuelled and serviced in an environment that has much higher electromagnetic flux.

First Published 3-17-5

UFO Propulsion System - Bending Time & Space

Defense Scientists and Engineers are finally starting to understand the ultimate propulsion system that can make instantaneous space travel possible. The UFOs use this propulsion system to travel great distances instantaneously.

The speed of light is 670,000,000 miles per hour ñ a number no human being can ever stand in any craft for a long time. Does that mean UFOs are unmanned or extra-terrestrial beings are totally different? It is possible but not likely. Theory of evolution in the Universe says that intelligent life forms are abundant in the Universe but they have evolved in a similar way.

Traveling even at the speed of light (670,000,000 miles per hour) is just not enough to cover distant destinations in the Universe. For example even at that speed traveling from one constellation to another may take hundreds of years.

Then how can one travel such great distances in a short span of time? This is the million-dollar question that has made every country in the world keep quiet about UFOs and cover up their existence and interaction. Every country believes they will be the first to uncover the technology of "flash travel" which is the term used in traveling from point A to point B in the Universe instantaneously.

To understand the concept, imagine you have to travel from New York to New Delhi, two points in the opposite sides of the globe. Now think you have the technology of freezing time and then get back to current time. At 9AM (or any other time of a particular day), you take the instance of the globe and freeze it for travel. Now assume the globe is made of paper or some other flexible material. Now you deform the globe and bring NY and New Delhi touch each other. Then travel from NY to New Delhi instantaneously because the distance is really very little since you deformed the globe. After completing the travel you put the globe back to its original configuration. And you transfer yourself to the current time.

This may seem complex but actually once the technology is mastered it is really simple. Another way to understand this is to hold a piece of rectangular paper in your hand. Bring the two opposite corners of the rectangular piece of paper together and make them touch each other. Now the distance between the two opposite corner is really zero.

Bending space and time is the concept where you do not travel to the destination; you bring the destination close to you. This is exactly how UFOs travel from one destination to another. That is the reason why those who are waiting with their telescope in the open sly to find UFOs will never find them.

Scientists and Engineers are now perplexed trying to understand how that kind of space travel is possible. The answer lies in using something known as dark energy. The dark energy allows disintegration or deformation of space. There are some early indications that dark energy also allows isolating time dimensions.

Physicists and Engineers are researching the use of dark energy. The purpose is to understand the process of bending the space and time. That requires UFO flight patterns; sighting information and a mathematical algorithm to back calculate their flight positions in a more than three dimensional geometry. Computer models are helping. We do not have the technologies to capture or isolate time dimension. Can you draw a block or a cube on a piece of paper? Yes, you can. It is called an isometric drawing

It is the process of drawing a three-dimensional drawing on a two dimensional paper. Similarly, complex algorithms are allowing reverse engineering the UFO Time and Space bending in a medium that is three-dimensional. The resulting map is showing the space and time (four dimensions) in a three dimensional environment.

Sometimes you wonder what any one can gain spending so much time and money to hide and cover up all the UFO information? Why so much ridicule around something every country in running after since 1890? The answer is the fact that any one who can master this time and space bending technology will be ahead of others by many years.

There are early indications that scientists and engineers have got the clue to the concept of bending time and space using dark energy. Interestingly, the whole concept starts with Einsteinís Theory of Relativity.

First Published 3-17-5

India Studies UFO Flights Patterns, Nav Systems

Indian space scientists and technologists closely watch the UFO flight pattern and navigation systems. The extra-terrestrial flight patterns are quite different from terrestrial systems days the experts.

The flight patterns and navigation systems are input into computer models to extrapolate points of disappearances. The computer model uses predictive analysis to interpolate and extrapolate the flight patterns and navigation systems.

The involved engineers do not like to talk. But they do indicate that certain surveillance systems can occasionally view these bizarre flight patterns.

Replicating their navigation systems and flight patterns are impossible. But there are indications that the UFOs change their propulsion systems from optical levels to sonic levels after entering the earthís atmosphere. After that a new propulsion system, guidance and navigation systems as well as flight pattern are followed.

The scientists in India working on these projects also mention that the UFOs have the capabilities of creating illusions and disappearing into the clouds of electromagnetic flux any time. That complicates the observation and at that point only the complex computational algorithms can only come to help of the technocrats.

In a particular case, an UFO was tracked and followed out of earthís atmosphere. That follows though extrapolation provided excellent information on efficient guidance, navigation and propulsion systems.

Again the daunting problem is really believing these flight patterns because the extra-terrestrial UFOs can create illusions and virtually disappear any time.

First published 3-7-5

Worldwide Reverse Engineering Of UFO Propulsion Systems

Most advanced countries have ongoing civilian as well as military projects that watch the extra-terrestrial UFO flight patterns and characteristics; possible UFO contacts and similar techniques to reverse engineer the navigation and propulsion systems.

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing a finished product and creating a process of manufacturing a replica or similar technologies.

In many countries, the militaries are rushing towards reverse engineering stealth and propulsion systems of aircrafts and spacecrafts from extra-terrestrial UFOs.

This is not a new phenomenon. Germans before the Second World War started the process. Sometimes the reverse engineering of advanced unknown technologies becomes futile experimentation and results in something advanced but not quite the replica of the end product. Many technology think tanks in the world believe that the rocket propulsion systems and generic stealth technologies were reverse engineered by the Germans before the Second World War.

In recent days, America, Russia, China, France, Britain and India are trying to reverse engineer the anti-gravity propulsion systems. The problem is that they all see the same end products and try to speculate in a reverse direction as to how the Flying Objects are getting the thrust or flight patterns.

Obviously the goal is to reach vary high speed ñ speed way faster than light so that intergalactic space travel can become a reality.

Not all propulsion systems are really fast. Sometimes endurance is given higher priorities.

Deep Space 1 was launched in October 1998 as part of NASA's New Millennium Program, which is managed by JPL for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, DC. The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena manages JPL for NASA. It works of an Ion propulsion system. Many believe the Ion propulsion system was reversed engineered.

Unlike the fireworks of most chemical rockets using solid or liquid fuels, the ion drive emits only an eerie blue glow as ionized (electrically charged) atoms of xenon are pushed out of the engine. Xenon is the same gas found in photo flash tubes and many lighthouse bulbs.

The almost imperceptible thrust from the system is equivalent to the pressure exerted by a sheet of paper held in the palm of your hand. The ion engine is very slow to pick up speed, but over the long haul it can deliver 10 times as much thrust per pound of fuel as more traditional rockets.

There are growing evidence that India and China are in the advanced stage of development of anti-gravity propulsion systems following the trail of the Americans and the Russians.

Nuclear propelled propulsion systems are common in many countries. But what is really perplexing is the advanced secret research on propulsion systems reaching very fast speed and traction without speed.

First published 3-6-5

ET UFOs Use More Than Anti-Gravity

Engineers involved with flight mechanics and propagation of next generation advanced combat aircrafts finally came to a very interesting conclusion.

Complex computer algorithms allow analyzing extra-terrestrial UFO dynamics. Engineers took the flight patterns, algorithmically interpolated and amplified them to avoid points of "statistical unknowns" and found something very interesting.

The simple common belief that UFOs propagate with anti-gravity lift and "known gyroscopic" principles is not correct. That is what may have misguided country after country as they have tried to mimic UFO propulsion and navigation.

What really induced engineers to develop the computer models is that simple anti-gravity lift and propulsion systems were not taking them anywhere. Soon they realized that anti-gravity is the secondary dynamic force. The computer models were showing that the flight trajectories were too flexible for any gyroscope driven just with anti-gravity lift.

The model brought engineers to look into something called "inertia of an ellipsoid". They soon found that the laws of motion and inertia just does not apply to a "freely" spinning ellipsoid where gravity can be manipulated and simulated.

In simple language, the extra-terrestrial UFOs can travel freely violating all the laws of inertia in the earth. That provides them the ability to propagate and disappear instantaneously into the cloud of electromagnetic flux.

The computer models are helping analyze these complex model of dynamics. The models now are showing sign of dynamic forces from other unknown dimensions that cause the complex and totally flexible propagation system.

Engineers are slowly realizing how complex these extra-terrestrial UFOs are and how difficult it is to replicate them based on our very limited knowledge of three dimensional or at best four dimensional physics.

First published 3-20-5

Reverse Engineering Stealth Technologies From UFOs

Defense scientists and engineers are closely following the recently revealed UFO flight patterns and associated stealth technologies. They are finding that many current stealth technologies were actually reverse engineered in a crude way from the UFOs.

UFOs according to experts have two types of stealth mechanisms. One mechanism is the conventional radar evading stealth that we normally see in terrestrial aircrafts. The other one is much more complex.

UFOs have two types flight patterns. First they enter the earthís atmosphere slowing down their speed from many time that of light to supersonic levels (many time that of sound). Stealth used during ultra high speed is not the same as stealth used in supersonic levels. Many countries have copied the supersonic stealth and reverse engineered them into Air Force planes. Many countries now are struggling to understand the stealth the UFOs use during their intergalactic flights at a speed many times that of light.

Interestingly, no one thus far has claimed that they saw any UFO in the space. Based on thousands of witnesses in almost every countries of the world, it is very clear that UFOs become visible only when they transform their speeds from many times that of light to may times that of sound. At the time of this transformation for a very short period of time the UFOs lose their stealth. At that moment some see them but cannot prove it ever again. The Governments also get foxed. The radar picks them up for few seconds or minutes and then they disappear.

The stealth at ultra high speed levels is different. An electro magnetic flux covers the vehicle at those speed levels. The electromagnetic flux really causes the vehicle to become completely invisible.

After the UFOs bring their speed down to super sonic levels, the electromagnetic flux is put back. The conventional terrestrial radar evading stealth serves as a secondary shield.

Defense engineers and scientists are working hard to reverse engineer the electro magnetic stealth for terrestrial aircrafts. This can make it virtually impossible for the terrorists to use missiles against a commercial plane. Air Force will have super stealth that will make the enemy positions totally vulnerable.

First published 3-14-5

Thousands Unseen UFOs Hidden By Magnetic Flux

Scientists in India finally understands how UFOs hover all around us without being visible. In Pune, India, some DRDO (Indian Defence Research & Development Organization) engineers are busy experimenting with a device that can see through the stealth effects of intense electromagnetic flux. According to some of these super smart brains of India, the final stealth effects come from creating an intense electromagnetic flux around any object. The Russians have been experimenting with similar stealth mechanisms.

The electromagnetic flux can be created through very advanced applications of super conductors. There are paranormal means of creating this flux that make anything invisible in true sense. The electromagnetic flux can be created through spiritual concentration by any human being. When such an event takes place, strange phenomena happen. And people call it miracle, heavenly effects and so on.

The scientists are getting very early indications that electromagnetic flux is used to keep the UFOs invisible from human eyes. Some animals have sensors that can sense energy levels beyond the electromagnetic flux. Probably dogs or cats are seeing UFOs all the time. But they cannot express what they see.

According to these scientists, a device that can see through electromagnetic flux is able to see UFOs all the time. The reason why UFOs are visible only in very rare cases and for a short time is as follows: When a UFO enters the earthís atmosphere and approaches an object or a destination in the earth, the UFO has to transform from ultrasonic speed (speed of light times n) and maneuvering techniques to sonic or supersonic levels and adjust to earthís electromagnetic and gravitational effects. Right at that moment, to avoid electromagnetic interference, the artificial flux is withdrawn for a very short span of time. After reaching speed levels that the UFO can use in earthís atmosphere, the electromagnetic flux or cloud is regenerated and put all around the UFO. That explains why in many countries the Air Force Pilots have chased an UFO only to have them disappear in front of their own eyes.

Based on this new discovery, there can be innumerable UFOs all around us. There are early indications that teleport mechanisms will also come from advanced research of electromagnetic flux.

First published 3-12-5

ET Can Disable ALL Nuclear Missiles

A new finding in India: Extraterrestrial UFOs have the capabilities to disable all nuke missiles in the world including those of India, Pakistan and China...

Indian scientists are slowly understanding that the Extraterrestrials have very unique power of jamming the operational characteristics of any device made by human beings. If they wish they can disable any equipment instantaneously. That may be one of the reasons why the UFOs are never really caught on the non-manipulated authenticate camera that can really prove their existence.

They can easily jam the operations of any nuke missiles in the world including that of India, Pakistan and China. They may have informed the same to all nuke powers of the world and that may be one of the reasons, major powers understand that owning nukes does not make any special strategic advantage.

In recent days, when Pakistan-India border tensions escalated, both India and Pakistan had difficulty in understanding why their nuke loaded missiles were disabled. American and Russians have experienced the same phenomenon several times in the last sixty years. The Chinese have experienced the effect and have in the past suspected Americans and others causing the problem. They have moved their nuke operational theater way below the earthís surface but the jamming effect have not gone away.

According to Indian scientists, if the extra-terrestrials ever get to know that a country is trying to use nuke missiles that will impact over the whole world to a catastrophic extent, they will immediately disable the nukes.

Reports from UK say that the extraterrestrials know very well every nuke installations and their exact locations in the world. The main reasons why these unmanned robotized UFOs visit in so many numbers on the earth is to locate all nukes that human being are making including the one made and carried by the terrorists like suitcase radiological bombs.

According to sources, all the Governments with nuke capabilities know that their delivery systems can be disabled by these extra-terrestrials and that is a major concern for them.

First published 2-20-5

ET Trying To Avert Sumatra Super Volcano?

Geologists and astrophysicists are slowly getting convinced that the Sumatra epicenter of the earthquake that caused the landslide and Tsunami in late December and caused the Tsunami is in the same area where a mega volcano erupted 74,000 years back and killed almost all living beings on the earth. The ash and volcanic cloud engulfed the earth for years, most vegetation suffered, all living being suffered from hunger and was almost at the point of extinction.

The 74,000 year cycle is supposed repeat within a few years. The underwater behavior in the area of Sumatra, Andaman an Nicobar islands is strange. The number of aftershocks and the pattern of socks point towards some organized activities at the tectonic levels.

According to some Geological engineers and scientists, the tectonic plate movement may have been artificially created to avoid another mega volcano. It is possible and probable that the extra-terrestrials or some one is trying to save the earth from that same kind volcanoes and reslting calamities.

By manipulating the tectonic plates, it is possible to avoid massive volcanoes. The cuurent technologies in human possession are not advanced yet so that we can really neutralize earthquakes or volcanoes. But according to UFO researchers, the extra-terrestrials do. They probably want our civilization to move forward and not evaporate into dark space.

It is possible for that they have created a series of earthquakes in December and January to save us from a massive volcanoe later on. The analogy is similar to the way the firefighters fight the forest fires. In order to cut off the oxygen source, they select an area encircling the fire and set a protective fire. The same can be done at the tectonic plate level.

Only time will say what we are going to face in 2012. It seems based on what is happening in different parts of the world, some one or some entities are trying to avert some calamity.

First published 3-11-5

India Says ETs Are From M15 Star Cluster

Some Astrophysicists are running back to the drawing table in recent days. They are busy looking at a Star Cluster called M15 discovered years back by Hubble Telescope. This mosaic of the globular cluster M15 (fifteenth object in the Messier catalog of star clusters and nebulae) contains over 30,000 stars. The Hubble Space Telescope probed the core of M15, the most tightly packed cluster of stars in our galaxy, to look for evidence of either a massive black hole or another remarkable phenomenon: a "core collapse" driven by the intense gravitational pull of so many stars in such a small volume of space.

Rumors are rampant in India and China that the respective Governments have been contacted and the origin of the UFOs and intelligent life forms are from this M15 Star Cluster. This Star Cluster is the densest part of the Universe. The same people are also talking about the fact that this so called M15 Core Cluster is the Capital of Universe. This is where the Federation of Universe is. .

Other intelligent life forms are scattered all over the Universe. But they act as colonies with different life forms. New colonies are created all the time by transporting different forms of intelligent life forms from one solar system to another. .

According to some Astrophysicists, this M15 Star Cluster is also the source of largest density of Black Holes and gateway to many other Universes. This is also the source of huge concentration of dark matters.

The UFO sightings in the earth are either from this Federation of Universe or from the "Local Administrators" from the nearby Star Clusters. Every Star Cluster is a local Government managing the nearby civilizations.

No Government confirms the recent rumors but none of Governments has decided to deny such rumors either.

The larger picture shows the central portion of M15, photographed with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. The image is about 28 to 30 light-years across. Images in ultraviolet, blue, and visual light were combined for this picture, so that the colors roughly correspond to the surface temperatures of stars in M15. Hot stars appear blue, while cooler stars appear reddish-orange.

The density of stars rises all the way into the cluster center, marked by a green cross. Careful analysis of the distribution of these stars suggest that at some point in the distant past, the stars converged on M15's core, like bees swarming to their hive. This runaway collapse, long theorized by researchers but never seen in such detail, may have lasted a few million years--a flash in the 12-billion-year life of the cluster. A precise reading of the speeds at which stars move near M15's core would reveal whether the stars are packed so tightly because of the influence of a single massive object, or simply by their own mutual attraction. Stars would orbit more quickly in the gravitational grip of a black hole, which would be several thousand times more massive than our sun.

First published 3-6-5

Evidence Of ET Help In Human Survival

Computer Models predict Magnetic pole reversal in Earth and Sun can bring end to human civilization in 2012.

According to some computer scientists working together with a group geophysicists and astrophysicists, Earth and Sun both will go through a process of Magnetic Pole Reversal in 2012. This last happened millions of years back when the Dinosaurs disappeared. A private research and analysis company in Hyderabad is predicting a major upheaval in 2012.

Magnetic Pole reversal is a process when North Pole and South Pole reverse positions. When this happens, at some point of time Earth's magnetic field reaches zero Gauss which simply means, Earth at that point of time has zero magnetism. When this coincides with a eleven year cycle of Sun's Polar reversal, a major problem arises.

In the modern human history, such happenings are not recorded. Only Computer Models can predict the outcome. NASA recently has brought the public fear down by saying the Polar reversal will make Earth's Magnetism weak and erratic but not zero.

According to the Hyderabad Computer Model, the polar reversal of Earth and Sun can cause the following serious problems other than electronic malfunction, migrating birds losing sense of direction and so on:

- the immune system of all animals including the humans will weaken substantially

- the earth's crust will experience increasing volcanoes, tectonic movements, earthquakes and landslides

- Earth's Magnetosphere will weaken and Cosmic Radiation from Sun will increase many folds making radiation hazards like cancer and so on inevitable

- Large Asteroids will be drawn towards the Earth

- the Earth's gravitational field will experience a change though no one knows how it will change

If you add up all these possible devastating scenarios, you can easily see that in simple words, Earth may become not suitable for human civilization by 2012 and those who live on or near earth's crust.

The organisms living deep in the Earth well below the crust will survive. Without any intervention in this natural process, millions of years later we will see some other form of intelligent or large life forms are dominating the earth on its crust.

A large number of Extra-terrestrial UFO sightings in recent days, according to many UFO researchers in the world is connected to saving the human civilization form extinction. It is possible in absence of our knowledge they are trying to provide a counter measure that can save the human civilization.

As it happened during the time of Tsunami, it is possible that we will be perplexed and stare at the unthinkable happening and wiping us out.

If this model is true, the only way for us to survive will be to take our civilization well below the Earth's crust or move to another planet. It may have happened to Mars millions of years back.

Recent extra-terrestrial UFO activities (in the last 100 years) point out that someone out there knows that something severe will happen. They may be creating a scenario where they can silently help us or even remove us to an unknown destination.

First published 3-1-5

ET Dark Energy Propels Faster Than Light

Bangalore is the city of computer scientists. In the middle of hustle and bustle of cyber research and development, a group of engineers and astrophysicist are close to announcing a most major breakthrough in the history of the mankind.

They are working on a concept that can provide cheap source of anti-gravity propulsion though the use ìdark energyî ñ a controversial subject matter in the world of astrophysics. Sources tell us that the secret project is funded by the Indian Space research Organization (ISRO) and DRDO, the defense research establishment in India. We could not confirm the source of the funding and who are really involved in the project.

According to this group of scientists, obtaining anti-gravity propulsion through dark energy is the ultimate goal of any Space research Organization in the world.

The dark energy percolates from the vacuum of space. Laboratory experiments show that seemingly empty space is actually seething with virtual particles that wink in and out of existence. This perpetually bubbling vacuum provides energy that could take the form of a repulsive "negative gravity," The dark matter or energy is embedded in the Universe that is working against the gravity to pull the galaxies apart.

The concept of dark energy is nothing new. What this group of engineers and scientists are about to announce (if they are really successful) is how they really got access to the dark energy or negative gravity. Theoretically it is just not possible to create dark matter in the laboratories. The energy needed to boil the space or vacuum is just astronomical and we just do not have that mechanism in place based on technological advances.

The project leader of this group laughs at the critics and the universal skepticism. According to them, if you keep an open mind you will get an answer. All extra-terrestrial UFOs use dark energy to perform intergalactic travel at a speed faster than light. Do you believe they are sitting and boiling space in their UFOs? Dark matter is all around us and the parallel multidimensional Universes associate them. All that you need for anti-gravity propulsion is creating an environment where gravity takes a back seat and dark matter takes over the propulsion system. That is how the Universe is expanding and as a matter of fact accelerating in its expansion. Those who are not skeptics and closely observe the UFO flight patterns should get some clues in implementing such propulsion systems.

Many countries are working on dark energy propulsion systems. Most militaries in the world try to convince the public that UFOs and Extra-terrestrials are all hoax while quietly watching them to learn the next level of techno-military superiority over other countries. That is the reason why we believe that even if this group of engineers and scientist are successful they may keep quite for a long time.

First published 2-27-5