Friday 28 January 2005

Vortex Mechanics

Our corporatocracy has a long history or supressing any technology that threatens to undermine their power. JP Morgan did this to Nikola Tesla when he realised that Tesla's goal was free energy for everyone. Those same plutocrats have a strangle-hold on this planet, they profit from war and misery and the rest of us are forced to bear the cost. The fact that oil is running out means the bastards are acting out their end-game scenario. I'm sure they have a plan, I'm also sure us little-people want nothing to do with it because their plan is our enslavement.

The Ether Physics Paradigm of Hope Abundance Love and Equity

Tesla When one understands the concepts of Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla, the doorways to "free thinking and free energy" will beunlocked. The lines of control which hold the unfortunate "dumbed down" victims of academia, will be broken. The mental prison of materialistic, scientific reductionism, will be properly dethroned and marginalized, then hope will finally prevail.

From this free and enlightened vista of thinking the world view of abundance and a lifestyle of peace, prosperity, and freedom are the foundation. These virtuous aspirations transcend the dreary scientific and current religious/governmental/corporate/academic view of a world of scarcity. War and survival, financial ruin and the destruction of our personal freedoms and our environment are the fruits of this doomed view.

In a world of abundance and negentropy there is no need to fight over dwindling resources. Water can be desalinated and transported great distances to arid regions without the massive energy costs. There would be no "have nots". Everyone's basic needs would be assured. Starvation would cease to exist. If we all want it to. The technological possibilities are limitless with Tesla and Schauberger's insights and inventions relating to free energy. The Ether Physics they believed in, is the Physics of love, hope and abundance.

It is easy to imagine a world without war, because everyone would be working towards the goal of bringing civilization back into a harmonious relationship with nature for the sake of our mutual survival. We would see the end of the fossil/nuclear fuel age and an end to all of the cancer causing pollution of this insidious academic crime. Also, an end to the pyramid types of hierarchical political, financial, media and religous control, where wealth and power are dangerously concentrated into a hands of few jaded, impostors.

Look around you and you will see opportunity everywhere, because of the enormous destruction caused by corporate America and it's international allies.

Most of the dams will need to be torn down and the rivers restored to their natural states. All of the academic projects built by the Army Corp of Engineers, where they built straight canals to move water, will have to be rebuilt according to natural principles. This way, we won't have anymore multi-billion dollar failures of one of their "sceintifically" designed levy, canal or dam systems.

The entire infrastructure of pipes that move our water on this planet will have to be replaced if we want to reverse the present plague of Cancer. If doing things right, were the priority, there would be work for everyone. Just imagine the labor involved in this project alone.

With everyone's basic needs covered we could all go to work saving this world before we destroy it. With the vast array of new spin off technologies there would be fulfilling work for everyone. The war could shift from the phony excuses used now to the real threat we all are facing, which is the wholesale destruction of our beautiful planet.

Imagine soldiers planting billions of trees in our clear cut forests, instead of killing other unfortunate human beings, birds, plants and animals. We need to plant 100 billion new trees immediately if we want to turn the tide of our self made destruction. We would be fighting against the true "evil doers", those who wantonly destroy our small planet using deception and trickery for personal financial gain, vanity and power (The Federal Reserve, the corporations and media and their elected leaders ).

Imagine silent, hovering aircraft, dropping mineralized rock dust on reclaimed forests to fertilize them, rather than extremely noisey jets and helicopters dropping Napalm, Daisy Cutters, Depleted Uranium, Micro Nukes and other types of "Destructive Ordinance" on poor innocent victims, other wise known as "collateral damage". How much of the planet's natural beauty, forests and waters have been lain waste thanks to military actions? Just watch some war footage of bombing campaigns and you will get a glimpse of a fraction of the damage.

Or, these same silent craft tending to our agricultural needs by automated satellite control and managing unending fields of Cannabis Hemp for replacing oil, pharmaceutical, clothing and timber products, to name a few.

Viktor Schauberger was the pioneering environmentalist who discovered natural solutions to all of the most pressing problems relating to our poor health and continuing destruction of this planet through the ignorant and negligent treatment of our Earth, Air and Water.

His work should be required reading in all schools, because it is a virtuous foundation for life, health and sanity in an insane world. As long as Corporate America controls our schools with "sound science" the truth will never be taught.

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