Friday 28 January 2005

Feith May Be Charged With Leaking Intelligence

Some good news to end the week on! I want to see Feith and his other neo-con friends arrested, charged, put on trial, convicted and sentanced to spend the rest of their (short miserable) lives cleaning up the DU they dumped on Iraq. The amount of fear and death they have caused must not go unanswered, they seek to use fear to control us and they must not be allowed to succeed.

Good Riddance, Douglas Feith

by Kurt Nimmo

Reuters reported last night that undersecretary of defense for policy, Douglas Feith, the third ranked civilian in the Pentagon, has announced his resignation, not due immediately, unfortunately. "Douglas Feith, the Defense Department's top policy officer and an architect of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, announced Wednesday that he would leave his job this summer for personal and family reasons," reports Reuters. "Before the Iraq war, Feith oversaw Defense Department officials accused of selectively using uncorroborated intelligence reports to build what turned out to be the false case that President Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of banned deadly weapons."

But here's what Reuters failed to mention: Feith may end up in the hoosegow "for leaking classified information to The Weekly Standard," according to Karen Kwiatkowski, who once had the misfortunate of working with the "arrogant" Strausscon. The memo, dated October 27, 2003, alleges Osama and Saddam were buddies, an accusation we know is pure horse feathers. Laura Rozen, writing for the American Prospect, however, believes it is "unlikely that Feith will face time for the leaked memo. But he may well be forced to look for a new job soon. As he knows all too well, regime change isn't pretty."

And so it appears this is what has finally happened. Naturally, when a politico is booted out because he is a political liability, it is politely described as a departure for "personal and family reasons."

Two down-the first being Richard Perle, who resigned as chairman of the Defense Policy Board due to "ethical problems" related to his shady dealings with Global Crossing, the bankrupt telecommunications company-and about half the Pentagon to go, or at least it's "civilians," who are almost exclusively Strausscons.

In the past, both Perle and Feith have been accused of passing classified information to Israel, a crime punishable by a firing squad in some countries. Due to his treachery, Feith was forced to leave the National Security Council, but he was soon back in government, his crimes apparently forgiven, or at least overlooked. In August, Feith's name was linked to Lawrence Franklin, who served in the military attache's office in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv in the late 1990s. Franklin is suspected of passing classified information about Iran to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and Israel. Fore more background on the Lawrence Franklin espionage scandal, see Juan Cole's Pentagon/Israel Spying Case Expands: Fomenting a War on Iran.

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