Friday 16 July 2004

These people are treating us like idiots

This is how government in this country works, we are not "citizens" we are "subjects" of the State. They have no respect for us, aren't interested in what we have to say and would absolutely love to just be able to tell us all what to do 24/7. The problem is that the majority of the people in this country are not idiots and realise that the scum-bags in Westminster look down their noses at them. Why the hell do you think voter turnout is so low? Because we all know they are a bunch of lying cocksuckers. Here at we've always known it but it seems Middle-England may be waking up. At the VERY least Blair needs to apologise and then resign, at best we should have him arrested and sent to the Hague to sit next to Milosevich because that is where he belongs. He won't of course, he'll probably just drag us into another war as dictated by his Zionist masters across the pond,

The family of a military policeman killed on duty in Iraq today strongly criticised Tony Blair and branded the Butler report "another whitewash".

Simon Hamilton-Jewell was shot dead alongside his men as they defended an Iraqi police station from a mob of 400 last June.

Despite being offered the chance to escape, he stayed with his patrol to the end and was hailed a hero.

But today his brother, Tony, launched a fierce attack on the Government, saying the Military Police sergeant had died for "a lie". Mr Hamilton-Jewell said: "I have downloaded the transcripts of the Butler report. It's another whitewash. It's all hedging and ifs and buts."

Mr Hamilton-Jewell, 57, said he was disgusted that Lord Butler's report did not single out anyone for blame. "Butler says no single person is directly responsible," he said. "But, whether it's Blair on the political side or [John] Scarlett on the intelligence side, someone has to be ultimately responsible. The arrogance of Blair is extraordinary - he won't apologise." He also criticised Lord Butler's backing of Mr Scarlett in his new role as head of MI6.

"Butler turned round and said Scarlett is fundamentally in the wrong, but that he's a good man for the job Blair's promoted him to," he said. "It's hypocritical. Who do these people think they are? They are treating us like idiots."

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