Wednesday 21 July 2004

Peace, Justice, And Honesty

This article is superb and hits the nail squarely on the head.

by John Kaminski

Uncle Sam wants YOU to die for big business When's the last time you read about any of those things in your local newspaper? I wonder when the last time the word "peace" issued from the sewage lips of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly? Probably when he was talking about torturing innocent Muslim civilians at the gulag called Guantanamo, that's his kind of peace.

And justice? How many stories on TV have you heard about Ernst Zundel, who talks frequently about peace, justice, and honesty, but for the past 14 months has been held in solitary confinement in a Canadian jail without any charges ever being filed. He is not even allowed to see the evidence against him. Yet he tells a very compelling story that everybody should listen to. Shouldn't somebody be writing a story about justice for Ernst?

Or Dick Simkanin, jailed for making a point against the government where the judge who convicted him couldn't even cite a statute he had broken before he found him guilty. He's buried so deep in jail you can't even find him on Google.

Same with Charles Sell. The guy who did dental IDs on the Waco victims and saw all those bulletholes. He served his sentence on some trumped up charge, but they won't let him out. They keep drugging him and saying he's crazy, a real tribute to the legacy of Janet Reno and Wesley Clark in an ugly Texas town.

Oh, this is a very long list. Suffice it to say American justice is dead Iraqi family who didn't know what hit them. This is how democracy arrived in the cradle of civilization.

And honesty? I can sum it up in one phrase I read in the newspapers: "They hate our freedoms."

Corporations pay no taxes. You and me give them 50 percent of what we earn.

Honesty is to admit that America is the evil empire. You hear people whispering that on the streets, but you don't see it in the newspapers. People are afraid to say that, because if they do, they're apt to disappear, just like those three, and oh so many more.

And it's not just the government, as so many people overseas say to try and let the American population off hook. But it's the people, too. People who refuse to see that killing faraway people in order to get lower prices is not the mark of a decent bunch of folks. We could stop it at any time, but we don't. And it's not because we can't stop, but because we just don't care.

Just before I answered that fellow's letter, however, I did chance across an exceptionally eloquent example of honesty, in a forward from an e-mail friend I know only as G88POGEL. It was a detailed explanation of political intrigues of the last two hundred years written by Webster Tarpley, author of "George Bush:
The Unauthorized Bioography," and delivered at a Lyndon LaRouche conference.

The truth is, Tarpley explained, that it has been Britain which has been behind all the wars of the last two centuries, and is at it still, only now the bankers from London are wholly intertwined with the Zionists and the Americans.

Ever consider that Britain and America were on the wrong side in both World Wars, and that our current climate of endless wars and everpresent fearmongering were the result of Britain's desire to rule the world? Ever realize that Britain backed the Confederacy to destabilize America during the Civil War? Check it out The Versailles Thesis at

Then maybe you can talk to me about peace, justice, and honesty. It's shameful what Americans are doing to the world. Israelis too. They both seem to have learned the repulsive habits of the British.

Your parents didn't bring you up to be killers, I don't think. Maybe they did and just won't admit it.

It's so hard not to lapse into negativity with all this phony stuff that is coming down around our ears today. But it has been going on a long time.

Because the centerpiece of society is money, and that's the only viewpoint capitalist media will admit is valid, we cannot hope for peace. It's excluded from the agenda, off the charts, out of the game. You just never read about peace, except as in imminent threats to.

Private control of the money supply, the thing that got all those presidents gunned down, is the single central challenge jeopardizing the future. Wars will never end as long the Federal Reserve and the Rothschild banks of London continue to exist. This is where the revolution should focus. Because nothing will be fixed as long as they remain intact.

The only reason we have wars is because these private bankers want war. It is the most profitable human endeavor.

The 21st century needs to address the issue of profit, because it has been proven to be a case of profit for the powerful few, and total loss for the other 99 percent of the population.

Without this focus, there can be no peace, no justice, and no honesty.

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