Wednesday 5 May 2004

the commandments of men

And the transparent present. (And now, God's 'messenger'?)

Never mind that we have two wars already by this otherwise very unremarkable man, who saw forwardly enough to immediately fly his allies the bin Laden family to safety on September 11 while Americans were grounded, but allowed hijacked planes free rein — whose family's works, and ostensible patriotism and service to America, involved not only teaching covert operation and terrorism to Osama bin Laden, but working with, and arming, for many years, Saddam Hussein, with weapons of truly evil destructive capacity — among the results of which include tens of thousands of Kurds being gassed by weapons provided therefore by principal members of the present Bush administration, who "somehow" therefore have been on the wrong side of such affairs for quite some time. How can we believe then, these wars were truly set in motion by outer events?

The idea this very unremarkable family has anything to give to the world of the stature we should prefer warrant commanding a once great country, puzzles me despite these events. But in the wake of careers in covert activity, savings and loan scandals, subversion of the Florida vote to take the presidency, and "possibly" Iran Contra, it is time to recognize we have a very serious, long-term situation on our hands, just on these counts alone.

Is there no consistent thread of purpose? Is that purpose so conducive to humanity, when its very planning, whatever it was, was never even made available to us? We don't even know of it.

If he came so to the presidency, why did we never hear of this plan for war with Iraq? And now we are not so offended, when we give up our rights good men died to establish, while this "leader" pisses off the world, and intelligent people everywhere in the world can understand that, because to this moment, the very purported evidence for the war of the moment never even existed? How in fact can anyone deny, that how such men come to preside over a nation in unmistakably related decline, is the same story of corruption?

This man does not belong, ruling my country.

Long before these present players even began to act out their roles, this was a game of insiders, acting for the insiders themselves, and pretending to be patriots of a common cause we cannot be served by, even if we were granted the opportunity to conceive it, to assent to it, to even exhaustively discuss it publicly. Whatever we are fed commercially, right or left, will still be the fabrications of the central party, and certainly that body of "information" will never look beyond the purposed insanity of the central party, because the central party never will have the best plan for the rest of us. Iraq was put under the control of Hussein for the purposes of the oil bosses and financial barons of the world (who own the oil bosses); and the hapless Iraqi citizen was condemned, by these same men who claim liberation as their motive, to be denied prosperity — even from the very resources of their own country — as Iraqis will be denied prosperity from the very resources of their country after this war as well.

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