Wednesday 5 May 2004

911 - What Remains Must Be The Truth

I'll get accused of anti-semitism and racism and everything else under then sun for this one, but who cares that's what freedom of speech is all about. The mess we are seeing today started on 911 and the search for truth must start there. The official explanation is patent nonsense, if it weren't there would already have been a public enquiry and not loads of stonewalling. We are being lied to and manipulated.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains--however improbable--must be the truth." --Sir Arthur Conan

Not long after September 11, 2001, a story surfaced on the Internet accusing the Israelis of taking part in a conspiracy that resulted in the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The origin of the story was attributed to Jordan's Al Watan newspaper; and it was reported that Pakistani publications followed by Islamic clerics in the Middle East and Central Asia spread the story.

Another tragedy was born and reared out of those reports. A number of anti-Semitic bigots hopped on the bandwagon of that ill-considered, wild conjecture and misused it to feed their rant against Jews.

As might be expected, a number of people stormed onto the Internet to debunk the Israel conspiracy theories. That effectively put an end to questioning the official story of a plot generated by Osama bin Laden and executed by his Al-Qaeda operatives. No one dared ask the most important question: Who stood to benefit from the catastrophe that killed thousands on September 11, 2001?

Al-Qaeda? What benefit? Even terrorists need a cause. "They hate America" isn't a cause. They're jealous of America's freedoms" isn't a cause.

Saudi Arabia? Michael Moore suggests this in Dude, Where's My Country. But why? If there were an affair between Bush and the Saudi royal family, how would 9/11 ever benefit the Saudis? No conceivable benefit accrues to either the Saudi royal family or the Saudi military.

America's oil interests? This seems to be a favorite among guessing pundits. However, if the Bush cabal and the Saudis are in cahoots, they already have Middle East oil interests sewn up. There's plenty of time to worry about Afghanistan gas pipes and Iraqi oil when supplies get dangerously low. Why burn up millions of gallons of fuel in a war to protect fuel supplies for control of Iraqi oil? For what? In order to pay for the war costs?

What about G.W. Bush and the Republican Party? While the "Patriot theme and "fighting terrorism undoubtedly aided the Republicans in the 2002 elections as well as their legislative agenda, the risk of prolonged occupations accompanied by deaths of military personnel argue against any long term benefit to Bush and his party. Combine that with continued loss of credibility over the falsehoods used to justify unilateral attacks on Iraq, and any potential benefit seen earlier goes up in smoke. The Bilderberg group and the financial interests of a "New World Order"? That international finance has been served by 9/11 seems obvious with the US being looted to serve a trans-national elite with no allegiance to any nation. That they're organized enough to plan and execute a national disaster like 9/11 is impossible.

Israel? Without a sliver of doubt, Israel was/is the major benefactor of the 9/11 strike. How has Israel benefited? Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, believed that Iraq could have weapons of mass destruction and Israel wanted Iraq neutralized before they had a chance to use them against Israel.

Israeli hawks have, since the beginnings of their occupation of Palestine, wanted to rid Palestine of the Palestinians. So long as Palestinians remained in the occupied territories, an Iraqi missile strike that would kill more Palestinians than Israelis was impossible. So long as Iraq possessed a capacity to even develop WMD,s it would be impossible for Israel to get rid of the Palestinians. Thus, getting control of Iraq facilitated Israel's ultimate desire to eliminate the Palestinians.

How does 9/11 fit into the Iraq-Israel scenario? 9/11 provided the clarion call for the so-called war against terrorism. Without 9/11, the U.S. would have had no excuse for invading Afghanistan. The battle against Al-Qaeda and bin Laden was the precursor to the invasion of Iraq; and the trumped up connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda provided the excuse for invading Iraq.

There's no doubt that Israel's Mossad, the Middle East intelligence experts as far as America is concerned, provided the assessment of Iraq's WMD's to America. The following Associated Press report (December 8, 2003) makes clear, though perhaps unwittingly, that Israelis believed that Iraq had WMD's.

ISRAELI intelligence overplayed the threat posed by Iraq and reinforced an assumption by American and British counterparts that Saddam Hussein had large caches of weapons of mass destruction, a retired Israeli general said today, after studying the run-up to the US-led invasion of Iraq.

The Israeli assessment may have been colored by politics, including a desire to see Saddam Hussein toppled, said Shlomo Brom, once a senior Israeli military intelligence officer and now a researcher with Israel's top strategic think tank.

Brom stopped short of accusing intelligence officials of intentionally misleading Britain and the United States.

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