Tuesday 16 March 2004

Myahudi Monsters Maul Madrid

I was waiting for this one.... Some interesting analysis from Mr. Vialls.

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." Friedrich Nietzsche

by Joe Vialls

Within seconds of the first deadly explosions inside and outside Madrid's Atocha station, you could sense that the culprits to be blamed for this crime would be Osama Bin Laden and the fictional 'al Qaeda', but there was no point in writing about it then. The first three days immediately following the ten synchronized military explosions were pure unashamed George Orwell time, with Christian and Judaic media alike completely immersing the general public in their predictable mind games.

First it was claimed the perpetrators were members of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna [ETA] which means "Basque Homeland and Freedom," and a gratifying roar of spontaneous anger could instantly be heard all over the country. Relatives of the dead and injured badly needed somebody to hate, and the homespun terrorists from the northern Basque region of Spain would suffice in the first instance. This distraction served to focus public attention several hundred miles away from the four primary crime scenes, where closer inspection would surely have generated some very awkward questions for the Spanish authorities.

Then only a few hours later in what appeared to be a chilling and apparently stupid rerun of 9-11, police officers were tipped off by media about a suspicious white van parked near Alcala de Henares railway station, which was then found to contain a handful of detonators, and several Muslim religious tracts on a cassette tape. So the 'al Qaeda' fix was already in, though the media deliberately played it down at this early stage. As we will shortly discover, the western media already knew that the platform surveillance videotapes at Alcala de Henares showed no trace of any "Muslim Terrorists" boarding any of the four bombed trains, but did not wish local police to discover this glaring omission.

After a suitable delay during which the crimes scenes grew cold, and critical evidence was removed, the London-based Arabic newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi, suddenly announced that it had received a letter from the Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri, claiming the bombings for al-Qaeda. This was the signal for global media networks to convert millions of sheeple all around the world, from their existing belief that Catholic Basques were responsible for the atrocity, to the newly-generated fiction that dangerous Muslim 'terrorists' had somehow slipped into Spain under the radar, and blown up four trains. This stunning religious conversion was reinforced when police found a planted unexploded haversack bomb in one of the train wrecks, which contained copper rather than aluminum detonators traditionally used by the Basques.

Unfortunately, since minute zero on day one, western media outlets had made a deliberate omission so inexplicable and so gross that it proved their own direct involvement or complicity in the mass murder of more than 200 Spanish civilians. Despite the fact that every media outlet taking its lead from the omnipotent New York Times reported that between eight and ten explosive devices had been detonated on board Spanish trains during the rush hour, not one of them mentioned suicide bombers. This is an impossible omission, because we all know that every car, or bus or plane or train blown up anywhere by 'Muslim Terrorists', is invariably attacked by 'suicide bombers'. How do we know this? Because the New York Times always tells us so, that is how. No matter whether it is a truck in Baghdad, a bus in Tel Aviv, a car in Moscow or a train in Chechnya, the American media villain of the piece is always the ubiquitous Muslim suicide bomber.

The only people capable of knowing in the early stages that suicide bombers were not used in Madrid, and that 'suicide bombers' could therefore not be mentioned by media at all, for fear of alerting local police to those damning video surveillance tapes at Alcala de Henares, were members of the terrorist group responsible for executing the attack. In turn, the only terrorist group capable of controlling the editorial content of the New York Times is N.O.S. [Novus Ordo Seclorum], which draws its funding from Wall Street, its intelligence from B'nai B'rith, and its depraved Special Forces muscle from Tel Aviv.

Before moving on later in the report to prove this beyond doubt, by explaining exactly how the terrorist attack was conducted on the morning of Thursday 11 March 2004, we first need to examine the motive, because most people spend an enormous part of their time asking the age-old question "Why?" Forget all artful media attempts to drive you towards a World Trade Center lookalike strike, based largely on the indisputable fact that the attack on Madrid took place exactly 911 days after the New York strike on 9-11. Rest assured the attack date was arranged in advance by N.O.S., in order to assist its media collaborators with the propaganda to follow.

Clearly 'ordinary' citizens had to be taught a sharp lesson that Muslim terrorists were real, and that all Australians should therefore allow John Howard and his lesser Zionist lackeys to impose whatever Draconian restrictions they wished on the populace, and further allow Australian servicemen to die overseas for George W. Bush. By early October 2002 the sharp lesson was ready, and a sophisticated multi-pronged N.O.S. terrorist operation was launched against Australian tourists on the popular holiday Island of Bali. More than 200 died and over 1,000 were seriously injured. Are these precise numbers starting to ring any alarm bells anywhere about the Madrid operation?

While Bali did very little in terms of altering the cynical Australian view of 'Terror', it did have the effect of embarrassing many citizens into silence, in other words Howard and his lackeys were then able to dispatch servicemen overseas to die for George W. Bush and his Zionist masters, without being continually mobbed by crowds of angry Australians. A handful of semi-literate Indonesia Muslims were later picked up and injected with scopolamine until they made ridiculous and impossible confessions about the sophisticated bombings in Bali, and that was the end of that, at least so far as Australia was concerned.

Over the next eighteen months in Spain things got even worse than they had been in Australia. Where 90% of all Australians had opposed military intervention in the Middle East, the figure in Spain rose as high as 96% , until at one point it seemed as though the only Spaniard determined to sacrifice Spanish servicemen in Iraq for George W. Bush and his Zionist masters, was Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. Because of his truculent defiance of the wishes of the Spanish people, Aznar was sure to be voted out at the next general election, which made the timing of the N.O.S. attack in Madrid a masterstroke.

When Aznar was finally thrown out at the general elections [which happened just a few hours ago], the media would be able to claim that Spaniards were angry with him for not doing enough in the 'War on Terror' to prevent the Madrid attack, when in reality Aznar had already done so much in terms of supporting George W. Bush and his cronies, that he had managed to alienate more than 90% of the entire Spanish population.

The Madrid attack also served to badly frighten the Spanish people in general, and to warn the new incoming Socialist Prime Minister that he has better toe New York's line, or more N.O.S. attacks would be sure to follow. Certainly Spain will be allowed to withdraw her troops from Iraq, because that particular crazed neocon invasion is already a lost cause, but future cooperation in the ongoing religious crusade against Islam generally is not negotiable.

One of the biggest illusions of the Madrid operation, lay in convincing you the public that a large crowd of nimble terrorists just hopped on board all four trains as they were 'passing through' Alcala de Henares railway station on the down platform towards Atocha.

Now think about this carefully. In my personal view each of the ten blasts would have required between 40 and 50 pounds of high-order military explosive in the C4/Semtex-H category. Such explosives have a very low specific gravity, meaning they are exceptionally bulky for their given weight. Therefore, this would have required ten [strong] terrorists on the down platform at the same time, each lugging a huge haversack in the middle of the rush hour. Strange then that no eyewitness at Alcala de Henares remembers seeing any of them, for these bulky gentlemen would most certainly have stood out in the crowd, and caused considerable suspicion among the commuters.

As mentioned earlier, this was the reason why the creative N.O.S. directed the western media to send the Spanish police off in various different directions for a while immediately after the attack, which kept them so occupied that they forgot to check the surveillance cameras at Alcala de Henares railway station. Had police done so, or should they do so now if the tapes still exist, they will see only Spanish commuters on their way to work.

So exactly where did N.O.S. bomb-up the four different trains, how did they do it, and how could they be sure each train would be in the right place when they pressed the remote detonation triggers? For the answer to that, take a look at the railway map below, which shows the procedure to be relatively simple, provided of course that you have unrestricted access to the trains themselves, and unrestricted access to the secure Spanish Rail system computers.

Now we can take another look at the pictures at the top of this page. Obviously by now you have found the first clue, i.e. that there was no fire at any of the ten blast sites, proving in turn that high-order military explosives were used in considerable quantities. Smuggling anything up to 500 pounds of very low specific gravity C4 into Spain would be extremely difficult nowadays, unless of course you already owned or controlled discrete facilities not normally inspected by Spanish Customs or the Police. It seems likely that even the most cynical of readers will be prepared to admit that ten big bearded Muslims, trying to lug giant haversacks of explosives into the country, would be instantly detected by even the most intellectually-challenged of customs officers.

The second clue relates to the pattern of the blast. If you look very carefully, you will note that some of the fragments buried in the shredded roof panels, are in fact shrapnel from the floor of the carriage itself. Without going into too much technical detail [there is plenty of that for reference in the Bali report linked below], it is impossible for bits of the floor to become embedded in the roof, unless the charges were fixed BELOW the floor before detonation. This is borne out by the fact that the train disabled outside Atocha station had its back completely broken in two different places. Once again, haversack charges casually placed on top of the internal floor, would be completely incapable of shattering the strong steel longitudinal support girders running the entire length of the chassis of each carriage.

Because it is impossible to attach sophisticated explosive charges on the underside of moving trains, obviously they were placed on the rolling stock under cover of darkness, while the trains were stationary during the night. This brings us to the next major illusion, uncovered by me after a series of very expensive calls from unlisted mobile phones. Though the western media deliberately led you to believe that these trains were 'just passing through' on continual services, that is not the case. Every one of the four trains were 'first service', i.e. each was making its first run of the day from its respective overnight depot, after being serviced and cleaned.

So now we know where the charges were placed, but how was it managed? Night depots are traditionally well-lit and well guarded, meaning that the bombers must have looked credible, or bribed their way into the depots, or were actually carry convincing Spanish Rail identity cards, real or forged. Because relying on chance credibility or handfuls of hard cash at the gates would be considered crude unacceptable risks for an operation of this importance, it is beyond reasonable doubt that Spanish Rail identity cards were used.

Nor does it stop there. Just picking any old train to bomb-up would be hopelessly inadequate, because there would be no guarantee that the random bombed-up train would even be put into service in the morning, much less be in exactly the correct position at the right time, for the planned maximum media impact. To do this the bombers needed access to rolling stock allocation for the following morning, which means they had direct access to the secure Spanish Rail computer system. We are not talking homespun Basques or 'al Qaeda' desert Muslims here, now are we? This was a highly professional operation, organized on sovereign Spanish territory by 'sleepers' who knew the lay of the land, and in all probability had lived in Madrid most or even all of their lives.

These organizers facilitated entry for the professional Special Forces team selected for the job, and here we come down to a choice of only one state. Though I am aware there are dozens of paranoids out there who believe that American, British, French and other western Special Forces delight in killing innocent civilians, you can take it from me that this is simply not the case. In a perceived 'war zone' like Iraq it is certainly true that all soldiers kill civilians from time to time, either by accident or out of fear for their own lives, but targeting hundreds of unarmed civilians on their way to work in an essentially neutral country, requires a cold-blooded mentality quite beyond the reach of organizations such as Delta Force or the Special Air Service, to name but two examples.

The only people with sufficient field experience for a job like this, and the total disregard for human life needed to carry it off successfully, are the direct descendents of the Myahudi monsters who raped and shot their way through the Muslim Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Lebanon all those years ago, which is why N.O.S. still uses them exclusively for its international wet work. It is beyond any doubt that false flag operations like Madrid will continue unabated, until the red tide finally overwhelms the Jewish State, and forces its occupants back into the primordial slime from whence they first emerged.

Copyright Joe Vialls, 15 March 2004