Friday 23 January 2004

Freedom is an Illusion

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Our freedom is an illusion
our liberty just a delusion
we are all slaves of the Beast
to It we are just the feast.
Truth and justice are forsaken
our dreams those cruel men have taken.
They fill our heads with lies
and probably laugh when one of us dies.
We exist to serve their selfish greed,
they care not for those of us in need.
Buy, own, conquer and subvert
like some heinous Internet pervert.
Their lies pervade all
both the big, and the small.
Their plots and their schemes
are more important than our dreams.
So take this to heed dear readers,
and confront your political leaders!
The truth is what they fear
so let's put this car into a high gear.
Bring them down from their ivory towers
show them that We are the mightiest of superpowers!