Monday 1 December 2003

Imagine a world

Imagine a world, my friends.
Full of darkness, despair and death.
A world where women weep
over the battered bodies of their husbands.
Cradling their babies
in the shattered ruins of their homes.

Imagine a world
where the young must all serve
and uniforms they must wear...
Big Brother we will all obey!
It's coming my friends,
can't you see it?
It's there on the horizon
that little spec of black.

They say they're protecting us
but really they're enslaving us.
Slaves of fashion, and fear
with our credit cards all maxed out.
We must all spend to save ourselves,
or so the System says.
Stay out of recession,
put it all on the tab.

But what happens to the debts
when the jobs are all in Bangalore?