Monday 1 December 2003

Body found inside U.N. headquarters

A while back there was some nutter that pulled a gun in the UN, now someone has been shot there. Given that this is the body supposed to be safeguarding world peace, it doesn't bode very well for the world! Holy shit people! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Are we prepared to allow the world to descend into darkness and death as we did 89 years ago??? They led us like lambs to the slaughter then becuase we knew no better, are we going to let it happen again?

But, I forgot, nobody's listening anyway. That's ok Britain, go back to your Christmas shopping, max your credit cards out and forget all about it.

(12-01) 11:31 PST NEW YORK (AP) -- A body was found inside United Nations headquarters on Monday, a U.N. spokesman said. U.N. security and the New York police department are investigating the matter.

The U.N. spokesman said the person had been shot, and that the body was discovered inside the building's third-floor lounge at about 11:30 a.m. He declined to give any details on the deceased person pending notification of the family.

The spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the world body considered the shooting an "isolated incident."

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