Saturday 8 November 2003

He's an Anti, She's an Anti, You're an Anti, Too

This planet is fast turning in to a really nasty fucked-up version of itself... Are you crazy enough to try and stop it?

Obey!As the neocon foreign policy fiasco plays out like a slow motion viewing of the car wreck scene from The Blues Brothers, the neocons are backing into their burrows like frightened, angry wolverines. Like any other mustelid, when cornered they'll attempt to make their opponent stink, in the case of neocons by employing the smear. And their favorite smear of all is to call opponents "anti-Semitic."
David Frum, of course, is the master slanderer, and he has gone as far as to imply that the mere use of "neoconsesrvative" is anti-Semitic. Well, Mr. Frum, it's not our fault that many neoconservatives are Jewish. But it's just as true that many neoconservatives are not Jewish, and that far more Jews are not neoconservatives than are.

Frum's whole idea is absurd. Most Nazis were German. So, if I were to mention that I dislike Nazism, am I being anti-German? Just about every member of the IRA is Irish. Is coming out against their views and tactics "anti-bog-trotter"?

In other words, Mr. Frum, stop being such an ass.

Another prominent neo-conservative hurler of the anti-Semitic spitball is Andrew Sullivan. (Let's be clear: I find Sullivan, whom I'd imagine is Irish, every bit as distasteful as Frum, whom I was not even aware was Jewish until he began announcing it regularly.)

A brief look at Sullivan's exercise in navel-gazing... I mean his blog... reveals that about every fourth entry accuses someone or other of anti-Semitism. The first instance I note is especially absurd: "The latest example: a story in the left-wing Scottish paper, the Sunday Herald, implicating Israelis in the 9/11 attacks.

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