Tuesday 22 July 2003

Hoon threw Kelly to the wolves

As if we needed another reason to loathe and despise the Defence Secretary, his boss and the whole stinking rotting seething pile of shit which is the British government and it's agents and agencies. I'm sure they sleep perfectly well at night, they don't give a toss that a family has been robbed of one of it's members. Life and death don't mean anything to these people, they will happily send your kids to a foreign land to die for lies and deception and greed. Do you really think that they're not prepared to sacrifice one insignificant pawn to accomplish their aims? Is this a government you want to have representing you? Where lies and corruption abound like so many flies swarming over a freshly laid pile of shit!

The name of a key guilty party can be given today to the judicial inquiry into Dr David Kelly's death.

It is Geoff Hoon, Secretary of State for Defence, the politician responsible for mobilising British forces for the onslaught on Iraq.

He is also the New Labour snout who put Dr Kelly's name into the public domain, triggering the tragic sequence of events that led to his death.

He wrote to the BBC Director general Gavyn Davies, identifying the weapons scientist. His people are also suspected of steering three newspapers towards Dr Kelly's name, forcing him into the open when he thought his name would stay secret.

The Government did not try to use the Official Secrets Act against the unfortunate Dr Kelly. Hoon simply threw him to the wolves, causing the trauma that drove the 59-year-old scientist over the edge.

And whose instructions was the Defence Secretary carrying out? It is impossible to believe that this weak-chinned wannabe soldier - known derisively among his own staff as Buff - could have taken this step on his own initiative.

I remain convinced that he was acting on the orders of Alastair Campbell, the Prime Minister's top spin doctor, who orders ministers around as if they were school prefects.

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