Tuesday 22 July 2003

GM Crop Con

When was the last time the government actually told us the truth? In case you hadn't noticed Tony "The Phony" Blair is trying to sell Britain to the corporate scumbags even more completely than the Tories did back in the Horrible Eighties! This government is an unlimited liability to the nation and Tony Blair makes Maggie Thatcher look like Mother Theresa!

Scandal as Government scientists back crops without testing them

A report claiming genetically modified crops pose little risk to health was dubbed a scandal last night.

The Science Review Panel admitted they had not carried out any new tests or research into the crops, which the Government want to see grown across the UK.

But they declared the risks to human health were very low.

Former Environment Minister Michael Meacher, sacked in the last reshuffle, said there were yawning holes in the report.

He said: "It is a scandal that no one has actually looked for the evidence.

"Until you have done systematic, comprehensive health tests on the impacts of eating GM food we should exercise caution."

Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sir David King, who headed the panel, admitted they had done no new tests. He said: "We were set up to review the state of current scientific knowledge on GM foods."

But he said they had not given blanket approval to all GM foods and wanted to see further work carried out.

The report was also damaged by claims that a key member of the inquiry team quit because it was too dominated by the bio-tech industry.

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