Friday 27 June 2003

The Myth of Tiny, Little Israel

Just so we're clear, I am NOT an anti-semite or a racist just because I think that zionists are the most evil people on the planet (next to bankers and money lenders of course). So if you're someone that thinks I'm a racist just because I choose to criticise and condemn the utterly corrupt and evil regime of a morally bankrupt society, then please do me a favour and take your ignorance elsewhere because I'm just not interested in your whining.

Zionist Tentacles Everywhere

No decent human being in this world can see Sharon and his zionist minions killing women, children and elderly, destroying their homes, schools and hospitals and not feel a moral repugnance. There are many Jews as well as others who abhor this, in fact, these Jews are among the most heroic in fighting this brutality that is being used against the Palestinians and the espionage Mossad is perpetrating all over the world. This group includes such people as Nurit Peled (the winner of the Sakharov Prize for Peace in Israel), Anthony Lewis, Professor Naom Chomsky, Rabbi Michael Lerner and many other courageous and moral people. So let it be known that we must get past the myth of "tiny, little Israel" to see the truth about Israel and her supporters whose tentacles have spread throughout the world.

This article pertains to those who are zionists who support the brutal tactics of Sharon and his predecessors in Palestine and in the U.S.; it is this group that has infiltrated American politics, media and military policy ( and the policies of other nations as well) through secret agents, those who carry dual citizenship but are more loyal to Israel than to the US or other nations, through the Mossad agents that have been hired for security reasons in various nations who then branch out to recruit others who then become agents for Israel, and through the academics whose political connections and media connections that make them overnight “authorities” so as to be an asset to Israel (Daniel Pipes, Frank Gaffney, Richard Perle, Bernard Lewis to name but a few).

Too few people in the world realize that this “little nation” of Israel has its tentacles throughout the world, in terms of its political action committees, appointees and elected officials in governments and the hiring out of its active or retired Mossad agents. I write this article to awaken people to the reality of what is actually going on, so that they may wipe away the myths spread by the Israeli propaganda machine that has mainline access to American media (newspapers, TV, radio and film) and enormous influence on the politics and economies of many nations, among them, America, Britain, Venezuela, Germany and others.

Here are but a few examples:

1. Many airport checkers at the Frankfurt, Germany, airports are members of Mossad; this has been attested to by many Arab and Arab American travelers who have been harassed by them (many of the guards spoke Hebrew to one another during checking).

2. Many new hires in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the CIA and FBI, this according to people working in those agencies and even reported briefly in some newspapers are former, or on loan, Mossad agents;

3. Iraqis report Hebrew speaking troops with the American troops in Baghdad, even American papers have reported that Israel is “aiding America” in its search for WMD; the methods being used by American troops in Iraq are exactly like the Israeli methods used in Palestine—shooting heavy weaponry at a house, then breaking down the door and bursting in, even without evidence, and arresting young men and fathers in the house and taking them away to unknown locations, or simply destroying homes with tanks, mortars or missiles simply because of a “tip” that “terrorists” or “pro-Saddam” people are there

;4. It is common knowledge that Mossad trained the apartheid South African regimes police and military that terrorized Blacks and Browns in that country for years, Israel also sold the weaponry and technology to South Africa that was banned by the UN and the USA that helped hold the African natives of the region and nation in check; experts on Africa say there are others operating in Africa at this time in Nigeria and Kenya.

What is interesting also is how much Israel and its agents have infiltrated American intelligence and politics. It is a known fact that Wolfowitz, Fleischer, Perle, Lantos and some others have dual citizenships between Israel and America. Some of their behavior helps reinforce this loyalty to Israel; at times, Lantos asks for more funds for Israel than for the poor in America or even in California (his district and state). It is well known by every literate person in the world that Wolfowitz and Perle were two of the prime movers for an attack on Iraq and continue their pressuring for attacks on Iran, Syria and Lebanon (which are at the top of Israel’s hit list). AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee uses millions of dollars of its funds to get billions in aid for Israel through donations and political pressure on American presidents, congress people and senators.

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