Friday 6 June 2003

Downing Street 'told spy chiefs to rewrite dossier six times'

It all starts to unravel for the government, we always knew the whole thing was a sham but now there is so much evidence that we were led up the garden path that even the media can't ignore it. The government lied to go to war, lied to get us to support it, lied about the objectives, lied about the motives, lied about the outcomes and now Iraq is an even more shattered country than it was. Depleted Uranium litters the land and we are fed a continuous stream of bullshit from the army, government and press. How much more obvious does it have to get? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! We are having the monumental piss taken out of us!

Intelligence chiefs were asked to rewrite the controversial dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction at least six times, it was claimed yesterday.

A source told the BBC that at one point the Prime Minister was personally involved in the decision to get the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) to redraft the document.

The revelation undermined Downing Street's attempts to draw a line under the affair and coincided with a call by Lord Healey for Tony Blair to resign if weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq.

On Wednesday, in a combative Commons performance, the Prime Minister strongly denied putting pressure on the JIC to strengthen its assessment of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Only 11 Labour MPs voted for an Opposition motion calling for an independent inquiry into the affair.

But yesterday the BBC quoted "a source close to British intelligence" making a new claim about the events leading up to the publication of the Government dossier Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction last September.

According to the BBC's source, Downing Street returned draft versions of the dossier to JIC "six to eight times".

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