Thursday 22 May 2003

UK Food Processors Caught Beefing Up Chicken

Talk about capitalism run amock... Plus, Blair wants more of it with his public-private partnership bollocks too! I don't know what makes me feel more ill, Blair or the damned adulterated chicken! I bet they didn't serve this shit to the Bilderburgers!

Corporate Phantoms - Demonize the GE Food Debate Food processors have been caught on video boasting that they have developed undetectable methods of adulterating the chicken that goes into British hospitals, schools and restaurants with cheap beef waste and water.

Tests by a television program have also shown that samples of an own-brand label of chicken nuggets sold by the British supermarket chain Sainsbury's contain bovine and pork DNA. The company says the bovine DNA comes from milk protein and the presence of pork DNA in one sample may be the result of contamination in the laboratory.

Secret filming for BBC TV's Panorama revealed that vast quantities of frozen chicken coming into Britain each week have been injected with beef proteins.

Working with The Guardian, the program went undercover to find the source of the beef proteins. BBC reporters were told by Dutch manufacturers that beef DNA can now be manipulated in such a way that the safety authorities' tests cannot detect it.

Adulterated chicken has been imported widely by British wholesalers. Brakes, a leading supplier to schools, hospitals and restaurants, has unwittingly imported chicken with beef DNA, laboratory tests for the BBC found.

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