Wednesday 28 May 2003

Roadmap: Another Deception?

The Zionist-conceived, American-backed plan for “peace” in the Middle East, known as the roadmap, is unlikely to succeed where the defunct Oslo Accords failed. Indeed, a cursory examination of the roadmap shows that it is actually a mere corruption of the Oslo Agreement. The only difference is that it is vaguer, more deformed, and far more disingenuous.

Like the hapless Oslo Accords, the roadmap suffers from serious structural faults that render it utterly unfit as a reasonable base for a genuine and durable peace in Palestine.

The plan speaks in general terms of creating a viable Palestinian state, but says nothing about the borders of the contemplated state and whether that will necessitate a total Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

Indeed, the plan leaves virtually all the fundamental aspects of the proposed state to be decided in bilateral talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

But anyone with minimal knowledge of the Israeli mentality could imagine the outcome of “negotiations” between an insolent Israel, enjoying unprecedented domination over American politics and policies, and a nearly decimated Palestinian Authority that has lost whatever semblance of authority it used to have prior to the Israeli reoccupation of the erstwhile autonomous enclaves.

In other words, such central issues as Israeli withdrawal of the territories occupied in 1967, Jewish settlements, Jerusalem, and the refugees, would be subject to tough bargaining and maneuvering following the oblique balance of power between the PA and Israel.

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