Wednesday 23 April 2003

Israel's Blitzkrieg on Middle East Oil

Who is Joe Vialls anyway? I have no idea what to make of these reports but they bascially define "under-reported".

"Operation Shekhinah a.k.a. Operation Iraqi Freedom"

On 21 March 2003, the British and Australian Special Air Services Regiments [SAS] were unwittingly tasked with protecting “Israeli Assets” H2 and H3 in Iraq’s Western Desert. Their British and Australian political masters stood these elite troops into clear and present danger, without ever explaining the real reason for their presence.

When Part One of Operation Shekhinah was first published in January 2002, it was viewed by many as a work of complete fiction. “Where is the proof,” my mainly Jewish critics asked, “that Israel intends to illegally invade Iraq and steal its strategic oil reserves?”

At the time, I asked everyone to examine the evidence and reach their own conclusions, because I was not yet ready to divulge the fact that this critical intelligence was sourced directly from the offices of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. I had every intention of living long enough to write this sequel, an ambition that may have been thwarted by Israel if I had revealed my source at that early stage.

Those readers wishing to review part one should click on the links at the top or bottom of this page, but in summary, the March 2001 Israeli operational planning envisaged a lightning strike on southern Iraq, followed by captured oil supplies being back-flowed to Haifa via the existing Trans Arabian Pipeline [Tapline].

Possible protests by the “International Community” about the Blitzkrieg were to be stifled by the Zionist-controlled media in New York and Washington, DC, who would explain patiently that this was merely a surgical strike against the “Evil Tyrant Saddam Hussein”.

Shekhinah planning accelerated through the northern summer of 2001, with a firm invasion date set for 2 October 2001, the first day of a seven-day Jewish holiday, and thus a most unlikely time to expect an Israeli attack. Then, as if from nowhere, the Zionist-banking center in New York was razed to the ground on 11 September 2001.

At a single stroke, the World Trade Center attack removed Shekhinah’s reserve funding and its critical equipment supply from America, including a large number of F15 Strike Eagle ground attack aircraft, instantly relegating the premeditated Israeli invasion of Iraq to the back burner.

Thwarted in this first attempt to expand their territory to a “Greater Israel” stretching east to the Iranian border, the Zionists were forced to find another way of gaining control of Iraq’s oil reserves. So in early April 2002, George W. Bush was programmed to start attacking the “Evil Tyrant Saddam Hussein” and his fictional “Weapons of Mass Destruction” on television.

With the Israeli-Jewish lobby pressing all the right buttons, George Dubya completely redefined the term “megalomania’, occasionally dribbling spittle down his shirt front as he made countless speeches aimed at directing hatred towards the Iraqi President.

Without their knowledge or consent, American and other “Coalition” troops, and countless Iraqi citizens were about to be sacrificed on the high altar of Zion. As the fresh-faced youngsters took up their positions for the fight ahead, most did so believing that this was a heroic western effort to rid the world of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, while a cynical minority nodded sagely, muttering under their breath that America really wanted to steal Iraq’s oil reserves.

As this report proves with hard evidence, both claims are completely false. On the weapons side, UN Chief Inspector Hans Blix had already made it very clear to the Security Council that, in his view, Iraq no longer possessed any long range Scud missiles, nor any viable chemical or biological weapons. By the time American-British-Australian invasion forces had cluster-bombed their way to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, this first reality had become became self-evident.

Though defensive chemical warfare suits and atropine antidotes were found in plenty, clearly positioned to protect Iraqi troops from an [expected] American VX nerve gas attack, there were no Iraqi “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to be found.

That leaves American domination and theft of Iraqi oil, right? No, it does not. The American and British oil multinationals already have enough oil and gas reserves for their needs in various countries around the world, without taking on a hostile country recognized in oilfield geopolitical terms as a Russian client. Oil is a strategic military asset, and the American oil multinationals knew then, and they still know now, that taking this insane Iraqi road could easily lead to World War III.

Forget any and all television ramblings by “Texan Oilman” George Bush, who would have trouble distinguishing between an oil wellhead and a retail gas pump. Like most politicians, George has grabbed seats on the boards of a couple of minor oil companies for the cash benefits, but that is all. The problem for George, is that he has so far failed to provide a valid American motive for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

All crimes including the illegal invasion of a sovereign nation like Iraq, require opportunity, motive and method. Any policeman on the street will happily confirm this. Out of these three criteria, motive is by far the most important, for without it the crime would not be committed in the first place. A drug addict is motivated to steal by an uncontrollable need for narcotics, and a car thief is motivated to steal by the need to convert identifiable goods into anonymous cash.

The Israeli-Jewish lobby’s motive for the original Operation Shekhinah, and latterly for Operation Iraqi Freedom, was and is based on the certainty that the American economy and social structure is in steep decline. Unless the Israel-Jewish lobby could somehow find a massive independent income stream, the parasitic Jewish State would completely collapse in less than a decade. We will examine this harsh reality later in the report.

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