Wednesday 19 March 2003

On The Threshold Of Hell

click here for some great pictures It is said that no one is harder to awaken than a man who is pretending to be asleep. Here in a country where the majority is belligerently enforcing its right to pretend to be asleep, little can be done to prevent the juggernaut amok. The worst U.S. president in history wants the worst war, in the worldÕs worst way, and he shall have it. And as for those who are pulling the stiff mouth-strings of our inarticulate little boss-mannequin, ample information is readily available. Follow the bouncing ducats, and the dark underground tunnels of material power, and there they are: the sophisticated covens of the devotedly horned and tailed.

Our root problems however, are not the machinations of the grandiosely megalomaniacal, who are after all only following the dictates of their own heartless natures. The cause of what is about to befall us must be assigned primarily to the psychologically obtuse, proudly spoiled, and violently ignorant American citizenry. Citizens of our nation, in large numbers, have happily usurped for themselves participatory privileges in the same old Divine Right of Kings their own ancestors fled. Might is making Right once again, and this time with the agreement of the deluded middle classes in what was once a reasonably honest and decent nation. From the sanctity of their own heavily mortgaged castles, the majority has agreed to send an army of Terminators to make short work of an unhappy people in a far-off land. No good reasons for perpetrating this calamity exist, and daily doses of ad hoc excuses have lacked all semblance of believability. Yet this potent concoction of geopolitical snake oil is apparently limitless, as is the appetite of the populace for guzzling it. We have devolved to the vanishing point, where there is no such thing any longer as a lie too preposterous to be swallowed. Sufficiently overwhelming weaponry is on the way to liberate innumerable human beings from their shackles by means of setting fire to them and burying them alive under smoking rubble. A spectacularly unjust war is about to be brought to you courtesy of The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

As part and parcel of the moribund conscience of America, we have also become The Land of Sneaking Snoops. A vulture culture of spying, enthusiastically embraced by private citizens and government agencies alike, is proceeding apace, to the point of avidly scanning for potential thought crimes. We are now just a thin grey hair away from routine incarceration for politically incorrect viewpoints. No doubt the bravado of resistance to this creepy-crawly criminalization of honest dissent will be tested for the presence of real courage before we are done here. Meanwhile Uncle SamÕs nose continues to grow longer and more crooked with every outright lie, until it requires propping up by coteries of muscular guards. We clearly do not, as a people, observe our own shadow of thoughtlessly murderous self-satisfaction looming over the world. Thus, all hopes for immanent return to national peace and plenty have faded to black.

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