Wednesday 19 March 2003

the apology to the arabs

We children of the evolution

NOT IN MY NAME 1. condemn the greed and arrogance of the fundamentalist military industrial patriarchy which rules over us in the Developed West, and whose power now threatens the entire planet

2. ap0logise directly, people to people, for all the injustices that have been perpetrated in our name (and to our material benefit) against the Arabs and Muslims (and all other races and civilisations) since as far back as the Crusades, and continuing today. while using our tax money and keeping us (and most of you) in ignorance, our governments have ‘stabilised’ the price of oil unfairly low by installing corrupt, western-conditioned sheikhdoms over your peoples, backed by a military threat that is only public for all to see when someone dares to stand against it,

3. fully admit and accept that, had the price of oil, since the Second World War, been set at its true market value (as our rulers profess to believe) the Arab world might now be as developed as ours.

4. beg only that you, in your noble patience, and in the interests of peace among the peoples of our planet, allow us till the year 2000 to correct all injustices against you.

For which boon we hereby pledge and commit ourselves to
1. work tirelessly to inform and persuade our fellow citizens to smoothly, freely and democratically purify and reform our Evil Empire, and so begin to undo the Sins of our Fathers

2. put aside all thought of ‘national interests’ and learn to live with less, so becoming kinder, fairer, and more nature-based citizens worthy to share this beautiful planet with all our brothers and sisters.

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