Thursday 27 March 2003

Oh What a Lovely War

by Paul Routledge

Oh, what a dirty war! Now we see, not through a glass darkly, but through the clear window of American power.

President George Dubya Bush last night smirked his way through the path to victory in Baghdad. His cruel, self-important conviction shone through a television appearance in Tampa, Florida.

This is the way the world will be - because the Americans say so. Washington's strategy of "shock and awe" is not only delivered by bombs, but by the power of rich, evil men who have the political power to decide where the world is going.

So much is clear from President Bush, in his smug, arrogant remarks yesterday. The idea that Tony Blair has any real impact on the American big hit is a joke.

Yet he has to continue to pretend he can influence Washington. It is a worthwhile effort. But let's not pretend it will ever work.

George Bush has the consummate sense of power derived from his position as leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

He is an ape, but that doesn't matter - he is an ape with cruise missiles.

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