Thursday 27 March 2003

Blair Must Cool Bush BLood Lust

War is never pleasant, but this one has quickly descended into hell.

The abuse of slain and captured American troops has been followed by the same treatment of British soldiers.

The repulsive nature of Saddam Hussein and his regime was never in doubt. Even those like the Mirror who oppose this war are disgusted by the Iraqi tyrant and his inhumanity.

The glorying and gloating over prisoners and the dead is disgusting. The courage of the armed forces should not be despoiled so cruelly.

But that was not the only revolting spectacle yesterday. The disaster at a Baghdad market was not just a catastrophe for those caught up in it but for the US and British war effort.

Of course things go wrong in war time. Our own forces know that only too well - many have already lost their lives through accidents and friendly fire.

But killing innocent civilians as they go about their daily lives gives the worst possible message to a sceptical world.

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