Thursday 20 March 2003

Bush Demands That The World's Leaders Defy The Will Of Their Own People

To Loot Iraq And Avenge His Father's Failure

by voxfux

click here to see moreGeorge W. Bush just thirty some short years ago, during his crucial formative years, reveled in putting firecrackers in the orifices of bullfrogs and throwing them up in the air and watching them blow up. Friends recall that on rainy days George could often be seen out the back of his farm shooting and killing the many frogs that would be playing in the rain. A boyhood friend of Bushes added, “There would be thousands of frogs so George really couldn’t miss, because if he would miss the one he was shooting at, the one behind it would catch the brunt of Georges shot. The creatures never had a chance.”

Now he is the leader of the free world, about to lead us into an industrio/religious shooting and looting spree and mock religious crusade for control of the oil fields of Iraq. He’s moved on from the days of shooting frogs on the back porch - Now it is people, leaders, countries he can shoot at and blow up. Now there are new threats, new leaders who are not with us but against us that Bush can attack. And of course there’s the French to deal with.

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