Tuesday 14 January 2003

Unexplained Media Omissions and Silence: How Did those WTC Buildings Collapse?

A message to the world's media:

One day, when the stories of our people are told and the true events of recent years are a matter of public record, when the bodies have been counted and their ashes spread to the four winds. On that day the people of earth will speak of you and ask; "Why did they say nothing when the truth was staring them in the face? How could they let all those innocent people die because they were too afraid to ask the important questions? How could they let the greed of the few outweigh the needs of the many?"

And on that day you and your kin will be judged, and you will be found to have failed the people of Earth.

That is how history will remember you my friends, not with love or respect but with anguish and a sense of deep betrayal.

The Washington Post recently (and casually) reported (1/3/03) that the ownership of our nation’s media and entertainment industries is becoming more even more consolidated than they are today. FCC Chairman Michael Powell is determined to relax the restrictions which control how much investment in media and information immense corporations like AOL-Time-Warner can make within individual markets. It has long been the opinion of this writer that media concentration is the Number One problem facing this country. People who dispute this idea always point out that the Internet is a source of information for those who (rightly) avoid the mainstream. However, the Bush right-wing faction (as opposed to the right wing faction that deplores government interference with liberties) is planning an attack on the freedom many of us associate with the “information superhighway” as you read these words.

With a more concentrated media comes the prospect that serious lines of inquiry will not be pursued in a timely fashion to correct problems. For example, what really happened on 9/11/01?

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