Tuesday 14 January 2003

Scowcroft: We Look Like a Warmonger and Rude

The heavy-weights step in to the ring... Question is, what does this mean...? These guys are both sons of the illuminati and as such we should take them seriously.

Zbigniew Brezinski and Brent Scowcroft, two national security advisors to the White House, have called on Bush to avoid unilateralism, and believe Bush must not take action without consulting [U.S.] allies.

This is the harshest criticism yet coming from a Democrat and a Republican politician. The criticism was addressed to Bush on a CNN broadcast.

"Thus far, we have moved on the correct path and have forced the international community to put pressure on Iraq, and the probability of UN inspectors finding something which may lead to the disarmament of Iraq is very high. We must make sensible decisions at this juncture and accept peace, because we can not act alone," Brezinski said.

"When Hans Blix presents his final report to the UN, the Bush administration will face a big problem," Scowcroft is quoted saying. "We are dealing with forces with were unknown during the Cold War, thus, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea should not have been lumped together in the 'axis of evil'. Anti-American sentiments result from the fact that we are considered a global superpower and everyone is waiting for us to solve all problems, and for the past year we have been looking like a warmonger and rude and indifferent toward friend and foe. If this situation does not end, we will become isolated and earn the enmity of other countries."

Who Will Inspect Americans Themselves? "The current U.S. administration is the faithful spokesman of the military-industrial complex and big oil companies who shamelessly lie," said Mercelo Clossi, an author.

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