Friday 24 January 2003

The System Can't be Fixed

This article applies every bit as much to the UK as it does the USA, our leaders are ignoring us. They and their friends will enrich themselves while the blood of innocent men and women is spilled in a faraway desert. Tony has said he's willing to pay the "blood price" but does that mean he or his sons will lie broken and bleeding and dead in the hot dusty desert? These so-called leaders of ours are a disgrace and the sooner they are brought to heel by the people the better. The profession of journalism - with a few notable exceptions - has whored itself to big-business and corrupt-government, their ranks infiltrated by spies and other humans of dubious character. It has become a cruel joke to me when I watch the TV news, even here in Blighty where the supposedly impartial BBC reigns supreme. More often than not the "news" can be boiled down to mere propaganda and I'm always left wondering what they haven't told us and why.

We seem to have reached the ascendency of our arrogance and hypocrisy as a species, something's got to give soon. The people are not arrogant war-mongers, no ordinary person in any of the countries involved wants to go to war. We all have the same dreams and aspirations, those great ideals set out in the -now defunct- US Constitution; "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". It is the Forces of Darkness and their Princes and Lords who require that this war occur. It is their bank accounts that will swell with the profits of human misery, and it is they who will sit in their nice safe bunkers completely removed from the bloody horrors of war. None of them has or will ever see combat, none of their sons will be required to die defending the greed of their fathers. We are not represented among their ranks, we have no voice in their choir, no seat at their table. To them we are just numbers, not even animals - let alone human beings. - ewar

Our future is a dark age of vicious guards and powerless prisoners, unless...

If we had a real attorney general who represented all Americans rather than only the wealthy, he would investigate these charges, and convene a legitimate investigation into the suspicious atrocities of 9/11/2001. But as he was appointed by the same man who is charged with committing all these crimes, no investigation is likely. In fact, the attorney general himself is probably guilty of many of the same charges as the president, as he is conspicuously involved in so many of the instances of obstruction of justice.

So there is no chance that the sitting government is going to act on these obvious crimes, since the entire government is polluted by conspirators of the same political party who are beholden to the criminals who gave them their jobs. This deadlock also applies to virtually all of the judges in America, since most of them have been appointed by the same manipulators and their like-minded predecessors, who must promise to condone this corruption before they are ever appointed to the bench in the first place.

And even the legislative branch is subject to the same polluting influences, since it costs millions to achieve these posts and once elected, collusion in the secret and criminal activities of the power elite is essential to advancing one's career.

As preposterous as it sounds, the entire Congress (excepting a dozen or so idealists) needs to be dismissed and indicted for its corrupt actions. That says something about the direction our future must take if we are to actually be free.

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