Friday 24 January 2003

Random Ideas For A New Society

by John Kaminski

This is a world where we talk about justice but don't really mean it. All the political badinage about helping this segment of society or that poor country is all just doubletalk as cynical aristocrats jockey for position to improve their public image at the expense of millions of anonymous poor people.

These ideas may be fantasy " especially the interrogation of corrupt governments, based on an imaginary viewpoint from the far future that we actually succeeded in creating a civilization to be proud of.

In point of fact, our civilization is something we cannot be proud of. Insincerity and duplicity rule. What appears in our public print little reflects the criminal machinations of a power elite that exploits the poor in every nation. Our most sincere teachers propagate myths that lead our children toward hate and discrimination, and our leaders mumble deliberately false propaganda that lead our impressionable offspring to believe that America is a land of truth and justice, while the most percipient of the older generation eventually come to realize that the basic dynamics of civilization have not really changed in 5000 years, and that the truth is bought and distributed by rich men to minds that have been deliberately shaped to not understand what is actually going on.

In lapsing back from future science fiction to contemporary political reality, I am forced to admit that it would be my fondest wish to see the entire U.S. Congress, all members of the presidential administration, all justices and judges above the level of normal courts arrested and jailed without trial and without access to lawyers for the encyclopedia of crimes they have all committed. I would like to see President Bush, Vice President Cheney, his entire Cabinet and the Department heads Bush has named shipped to and incarcerated at Guantanamo without access to counsel under penalties for aiding terrorists that they themselves created in the Patriot Act.

But I know this won't happen. I know the world is not a noble place where justice does not rule " only money does. And this is why we continue, hellbent and headfirst, on our path to the destruction of own species and most of the other ones, too.

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