Friday 31 January 2003

Prime Minister Tony Blair's Tough Line on Iraq Stirs Doubt in Britain

Doubt? Doubt!?! I don't think it's doubt that's stirring, I think if Blair pushes his luck he'll have an open revolt on his hands. He can't control everything all of the time, as much as he might like to try. He has neither my support, nor my respect nor my vote; and everyone I know agress with me too!

Fetch Tony Fetch.... Good boy.... Prime Minister Tony Blair's unflinching support for the United States in the conflict with Iraq is getting very different reactions on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Blair's agreement with President Bush that Iraq must be disarmed even if many in his nation and elsewhere in Europe disagree will guarantee the British leader a warm welcome when the two leaders meet Friday at Camp David.

Back home, the view is different. Blair's support for Bush puzzles and disturbs many ordinary Britons, who do not see the need for war.

The governing Labor Party is left of center and scorns much of Bush's conservative agenda. Some of Blair's most senior ministers have chosen to stay quiet on Iraq amid reports the government is divided.

Despite the criticism, Blair shows no doubt about backing the United States. Britain has committed military forces to a possible strike against Iraq, sending some 30,000 troops to the Persian Gulf a quarter of its army.

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