Thursday 30 January 2003

Mandela condemns US stance on Iraq

One thing to remember is that Nelson was condemned as a "terrorist" by many Western governements for a very long time. A point conveniently forgotten by those idiotmediawhores who produce most of the mainstream news. Dick Cheney himself voted to block a call for Nelson's release on the grounds that he was a "terrorist". Yeah, and the racist white supremacist bastards were actually right weren't they Dick?

My vote is with Nelson every time, his whisper has more influence over me than Tony Blair screaming himself hoarse or George Bush on a megaphone!

Nelson Mandela Former South African president Nelson Mandela has criticised US President George W Bush over Iraq, saying the sole reason for a possible US-led attack would be to gain control of Iraqi oil.

The US stance on Iraq is "arrogant" and would cause "a holocaust", Mr Mandela, a Nobel Peace laureate and one of the world's most respected figures, told a forum in Johannesburg.

He also said UK Prime Minister Tony Blair - who supports Washington over Iraq - was in fact the "US prime minister".

Mr Mandela, 84, accused both the US and UK governments of undermining the United Nations.

"Why does the United States behave so arrogantly?" Mr Mandela asked.

"Their friend Israel has got weapons of mass destruction but because it's their ally they won't ask the United Nations to get rid of them.

"They just want the oil," Mr Mandela went on. "We must expose this as much as possible."

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