Sunday 19 January 2003

No, Stupid, They're Not Iraqi Chemical Weapons!

by Joe Vialls

If so many innocent Iraqi lives were not at stake, this latest New York excuse to try and justify invading Iraq to steal its oil reserves for Wall Street, would just look like a badly-orchestrated and very sick joke. After insulting and intimidating defenceless Iraqi families in their own homes [a favorite CIA trick], the "Inspectors" started searching junk piles, old cellars and just about anything else they could think about.

Then all of a sudden, "Eureka!" As if on cue, the inspectors managed to stumble over some lvery ong and highly suspicious crates covered with a thick layer of mouse droppings and other assorted excreta. Clearly, this then was the latest state-of-the-art disguise used by those "filthy" Iraqi Arabs, to conceal their really dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Desperate to do the bidding of their increasingly frantic bosses, the inspectors willingly took their own lives into their hands. Shunning all offers of protective clothing mandatory for all UN personnel approaching within 500 yards of a suspected "chemical" or "biological" site, they tore at the boxes and 122-mm rockets with their bare hands, and then stuck their nostrils right into the orifices of the warheads. Such bravery!

What the inspectors had actually stumbled upon were eleven ancient 122-mm artillery rockets, fired by the most common multiple rocket launcher in the Middle East - the 40-launch-tube BM-21 "Katyusha", which was first designed by the Russians in the 1940s. During the Iran-Iraq war, both sides fired tens of thousands of these rockets and it stands to reason that hundred of them will be lying forgotten in various bunkers around the country.

What the "inspectors" forgot to mention, is that you can tell just by looking at the exterior of the warheads, that these rounds are "fragmentation", and cannot possibly be adapted for chemical use. All "chemical" rounds are factory-threaded inside the front and rear of the warhead, to take special screw-in gas-tight seals, once the rockets are loaded with Mustard, or Sarin, or VX or whatever. Think about it. Would you like to be a member of a Katyusha launch crew, if VX gas was gently wafting out of all 40 warheads?

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