Monday 16 December 2002

The Unseen Gulf War

The images that you never saw on CNN, these are graphic and very disturbing images. But they represent the truth of what war is, it's not a video game and the weapons aren't as accurate as They claim. War is about death and destruction and rotting corpses, and MONEY. Who will make money out of this war? Answer: the arms dealers, oil companies and just about every scumbag inbetween!

War is wrong, violence is wrong and unless we speak out against it, it will continue to plague this earth. There is no right and no wrong in war, if you wage war for whatever reason then you are wrong, evil and immoral. And don't even try and give me that "WW2 was right because we were protecting the world from fascism" BULLSHIT. WW2 was contrived, encouraged and executed by people who stood to gain enormously from it; the same group of totalitarian bastards who are behind this war and are manipulating the population!


by Peter Turnley

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