Sunday 22 December 2002

UK sells chemical weapons to the world

The people who sell these weapons do not do so in the interests of the British people, we as a nation are opposed to such barbaric weapons. Our government on the other-hand is full of lying hypocritical war-mongers and do NOT represent us. This is just further evidence of the fact that our political system has lost its direction, our leaders are the whores of Capitalism. Phony Tony and His Cronies are in it for themselves and their mates, nothing more and nothing less.

Britain is supplying chemical warfare technology to 26 countries including Libya, Syria, Israel and Iran -- which was labelled part of the 'axis of evil' by the United States.

A Sunday Herald investigation has revealed that the UK is allowing the export of the lethal chemicals, which are illegal under international law and controlled under the chemical weapons convention because they can be used in weapons of mass destruction.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which authorised the sales, has admitted that it does not know whether the exports will be used to create chemical weapons once they are exported, or not.

Among the countries to which Britain is exporting 'toxic chemical precursors' (TCPs) is Sudan. The US bombed a factory in the Sudanese capital Khartoum in 1998 with the full support of the Blair government for allegedly producing the deadly VX nerve agent.

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