Thursday 19 December 2002

Theory: VOXFUX - Rumor and Speculation Arise

by Valis

I have been following the news site now for a while (Very Closely) A strange thing happened just prior to the raid. Voxfux had been having a "back and fourth" with a real belligerent jerk who had been posting under the name "Unknown Soldier" Vox had essentially tracked his usage to a number of postings by this same jerk. Then vox's final exchange was that this guy was spoofing his IP (which only hackers and intelligence agents do) Since this jerk "Unknown Soldier" is no hacker then maybe...

You get the drift.

Then Vox announced that this guy was operating on which is a VERY SUSPICIOUS internet company. With a strange kind of administration which never responds to any complaints about it's many violations regarding some illegal activity is undertakes on a daily basis. Also seems immune to any Internet authorities' regarding their constant and flagrant violations of common Internet rules and regulations.

Vox indicating that rasserver could be an organ of the CIA.

Click here for more information...Then he looked into rasserver's parent company ICG and discovered that ICG Communications Inc had decended into bankrupcy just days after Bush siezed the presidency. Hmmm.

He accused ICG Communications Inc of being possible the next Enron scandal, only this time Vox has claimed that ICG was actually taken over by an intelligence group (CIA or EX CIA) and that it had undertaken a scheme to drive the stock proice into the ground, only to rip off investors, and then when the stock reached rock bottom they bought up the stock and are now poised to become fabulously wealthy.

Apparently they drove the stock price from 36 dollars to 36 cents.

Then vox mentioned something about the CEO's involved with ICG were intelligence assets. The new CEO is in fact a Jesuit (Graduated from LOYOLA university which specializes in Intellegence, political, industrial economic intelligence.

The strange thing is that there is no trace of that exchange that was on vox's web site. What is even stranger is that this "Unknown Soldier" Who vox pointed out also posts under the name "Soaring Eagle" This Soaring Eagle posted a very spooky veiled threat which is still up on the site it is a passage from George Orwell's 1984 about Big Brothers ability to obliterate every trace of a persons life so that no one would ever know that he existed.

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