Wednesday 4 December 2002

MoD Accused Of Rendelsham Forest UFO Cover Up

Yes I'm a conspiracy theorist, why? Because there are so many damn dodgy happenings out there!

The government tried to cover up one of the country's most famous sightings of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), a parliamentary watchdog has ruled.

The "Rendlesham Files", which were finally published on the Internet on Sunday, contain eye witness accounts by U.S. Air Force officers at a military base close to Rendlesham Forest, near Ipswich in Suffolk, who saw a brilliantly lit object land in the forest in December 1980.

The incident is widely regarded as one of the most significant-ever UFO sightings -- the British equivalent of the 1947 incident in which a spacecraft supposedly crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, with aliens aboard.

Several people had complained to the parliamentary ombudsman, Ann Abraham, that the Ministry of Defence had refused to divulge full details of the Rendlesham witness accounts. Abraham ruled the ministry had "withheld three documents relating to reported sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena in 1980 -- the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident".

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