Friday 6 December 2002

The Final Word On The Plane That Crashed Into The Pentagon

To take the subject off Kenya for a second, for all the 9/11 theorists indahouse here's some good analysis from Mike Rivero... You may love him or hate him but his site is one of the hottest things online, if you want the truth this man has container loads! Mike's point is that the Pentagon crash conspiracy theory which claimed that that no plane hit the Pentagon was a deliberate attempt by the System to discredit the Internet and sites like this one.

It seems that those parties still wishing to keep the distraction away from the Israeli Spy/Phone Tap Scandal are still trying to flog the dead horse of whether a passenger jet really crashed into the Pentagon or not. Word has reached me that those not supporting the "Boeing Hunt" story are being accused of fraud or cover-up. This is a device to force those who are trying to keep the story of the Israeli Spy/Phone Tap Scandal before the public to take time away from that task to respond to the allegations of covering up for the fact that a passenger plane did not hit the Pentagon. It's the disinformationalists' way of trying to force attention away from the spy scandal to something harmless, or as is the case here, to an issue which will later be revealed to be a fraud in order to discredit legitimate questions regarding the official story of 9-11.

This will be the last time I expend effort on this question of whether a passenger jet did or did not hit the Pentagon, and do so only to point out how silly (or desperate) those individuals are who seek to prevent the public from looking at certain issues. After all, if the passenger jet didn't hit the Pentagon, then where did it go?

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